This Homey Rental Condo Is A Chic Combo Of Neutral Colors And Warm Wood Finishes

Mia is one of the people who know that condos are a great investment, especially when they’re flipped—purchasing a unit with the intention of being resold or rented out after being renovated and redesigned. With all the condominiums sprouting around Manila and the rising number of people who have been pouring in the city, flipping is a profitable growing sector for condo investors like Mia. To get the most of her investment, Mia asked interior designer Giezl Ilustre of MONDO Design Studio. Giezl was guided by MONDO’s lead designer Gelo Del Mundo through the project.

condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

The goal was to turn the unit into a homey modern rental, which was functional yet universally appealing to both locals and foreigners. When asked about their thoughts on flipping and design Gelo says, “Competition is tight in this building alone. It would be an advantage to have your unit designed.” The designers worked around the idea of a scheme and style that would fit whatever gender or personality.

“The target market is broad, so we used neutrals to appeal to both men and women. Even the silhouettes of the furniture pieces are very neutral but still interesting,” explains Gelo.

condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

The unit opens to a open-floor layout, where the kitchen and dining seamlessly separate from the living area through the ingenious layout of the furniture pieces and the bar counter. The bar counter doubles as a preparation and dining area within the compact space. A large area rug also identifies the living area from the rest of the unit.

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condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

A glass door partition separates the bedroom and common area. The glass also allows natural light to filter through the unit. With its clean lines and soft textures, the bedroom can rival any five-star hotel accommodation in the metro. A cushioned headboard extends to the ceiling, giving the illusion of height and softness to the space—considering the extensive use of wood finishes in it.

condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

“It’s fun but it’s a bit challenging to find the best layout for small space like this,” says Giezl. She admits that she’d initially come up with three layouts before choosing the best one. From expatriates to local condo dwellers, this unit’s calm and inviting design is a great place to come home to after a busy day. “The owner loved it. In fact, she wanted to start on the next renovation project right away,” says Giezl. With its warm vibe and contemporary style, the unit is sure to make just about anyone feel at home in a foreign place.

condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

condoliving contemporary rental condo mondo design studio

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