This Modern Mom’s Condo Has An Art Gallery Feel

Juana Manahan-Yupangco is an editor-in-chief, socialite, and full-time mom. Her home has spaces with different personalities, mainly because her entire family, from her sister to her husband, had a suggestion for the unit. The mom of two called in friend and interior designer Chat Fores as the perfect mediator to blend all the ideas and artworks together. With everyone’s ideas for the space, the condo turned into a work or art on its own.


The Living Room

Almost looking like a showroom, the living room has a fine display of curated art and premium furniture. The chevron flooring give the unit subtle dynamism.

Modern mom Condo

The Living Room Corner

“I’ve always wanted that chair,” shares Juana on the yellow chair. The columnist first saw the chair during her first job with Lifestyle Asia, and she even told herself that one day she will have it when she gets her own place. “And now, here it is!” the mom shares.

Modern mom Condo

The Dining Room

Juana cites that the steel end chairs are a homage to the old house she grew up in. She explains that they had Chinese chairs at home that they were never allowed to sit on, so she got a modernized version in her condo.

Modern mom Condo

Collecting a lot of art, the walls in the condo are done in muted shades with a bit of texture.

Modern mom Condo

The Kitchen

Kept clean and minimal, the kitchen looks like it’s ready to host a cooking show any minute. It’s a break from the condo’s other counter parts that are filled with color and texture.

Modern mom Condo

Powder Room

The design in the powder room was done by Juana’s mom, Tats Manahan. It definitely makes any guest left at awe.

Modern mom Condo

Son’s Bedroom

Done in a very happy blue, the son’s bedroom is a filled with books and toys. The bed with extra storage was made by Gabby Lichauco.

Modern mom Condo

Daughter’s Bedroom

In the daughter’s room, the walls are done in a bright ballet flat pink. Juana’s mom also painted murals on the walls for a personal touch.

Modern mom Condo

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol 11.1 2016 by Patricia Herbolario. Edits were made for

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