10 Housewarming Gift Ideas Home Owners Actually Want and Will Use

Going to celebratory parties like a graduation dinner, an engagement party, or a housewarming party may or may not be a thrill to some. There are pros and cons in attending these events, and most often than not, people dread the gift-giving part. If you always ask yourself “What gift should I give?” then here are 10 fool-proof housewarming gift ideas any new homeowner actually wants and will actually use.

1 Candles

Probably one of the go-to housewarming gift ideas are candles. They’re both functional and stylish! The scented type helps shoo away bad smell in any space, aside from giving off dramatic lighting and relaxing ambiance at dinner or pajama parties or during me-times. Plus, these are handy-dandy in times of power outage.

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2 Diffusers

Another gift idea is a diffuser. If you know that the home owner just got into aromatherapy or you just want to share the wonders of it, why not gift him or her an essential oil diffuser? Even if the home owner isn’t into essential oils, their condo will smell great and feel like a spa.

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3 Stylish Storage

As a fellow condo dweller, you know storage space is essential. Help a friend out and gift him/her stylish storage boxes or baskets.  That’s functionality and aesthetic in one.

4 Serving Dishes and Cutlery

Serving utensils are also make a great housewarming gift, especially when the home owners are totally new to living independently or starting out from scratch. Opt for the plain and neutral pieces unless you know the house owner like the back your hand. If you’ve just met them the other day, play safe with monochromatic sets of serving trays, bowls, plates, and cups.

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5 Decanter

Speaking of serving stuff, someone at the housewarming party will probably bring a bottle or two of wine. Whip out that decanter you’ve wrapped as a gift to the home owner! This vessel will make your dinner party or drinking sesh more interesting if you choose one in either quirky or classy style.

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6 Coffee or Tea

While it’ll be a good idea to gift wine or beer, we think those are already a must-bring in any party. We suggest gifting a jar or samples of coffee or tea instead. These drinks even last longer than a bottle of wine, whisky, tequila, or beer.

7 Coffee Table Book

Why not add a coffee table book on your gift? Keep the home owner inspired by gifting one or a few coffee table books about art, decluttering, parenting (if the owners are a young family), hobbies, or interior designing. Not only are coffee table books inspiring and educating; these books are also perfect for adding character to the home owner’s living area, not to mention a good conversation starter!

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8 Artisanal Food

If you know the owner doesn’t drink much, you can go to the next best thing: food. There’s something special about anything artisanal, much more if it’s food. You can never go wrong with food, unless they have allergies or specific nutritional requirements. Nonetheless, everyone loves to eat, especially if it’s something crafted.

9 House Plant

Another easy fix to any housewarming gift dilemma are house plants. Whether the home owner is a black thumb or green thumb, there’s always a chance to be friends with plants. These plants add a pop of color and life into any space, some even have relaxing and health benefits. You can also gift a set of herbs in small pots for his or her kitchen!

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10 Basic Tool Kit

You might think this is too much, but this one’s really perfect for DIY-addicts, and handy-man type of guys. Not to mention, a basic tool kit can save someone from spending so much on repairing simple household fixes.