10 Questions With Architect And Interior Designer Angelica Fua

Angelica Fua loves design and creating interesting yet practical spaces, and it’s no wonder she didn’t mind taking two degrees related to design in two different schools—architecture in the University of Santo Tomas (UST), and interior design in Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID).

“I am fond of anything with bright colors and intricate patterns mixed with a touch of simplicity and effortless feel. I guess it’s a fusion of Bohemian, Japanese, and Scandinavian style, in a nutshell,” shares Angie when asked about the design style she resonates to the most.

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1 | If you weren’t going to be an interior designer or architect, what would you be?

It has always been clear in my mind, early in my life that I would be an architect or interior designer. There was no doubt and my blinders were on, ever since I was in high school. However, I did toy with the idea of becoming a psychologist for a hot second.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad

2 | What made you decide to start your own firm?

I remember my first day in interior design school, a professor of ours sat us down and urged us to practice interior design on our own and not to be stuck in an office being an employee. He dared us to become designers of our own firm and this sentiment stuck with me. I guess, there is nothing more thrilling to me than seeing your own design come to life—from inception to the styled spaces. Regardless of the time I’ve spent on the project, I always feel in the end, it was all worth it.

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3 | What do you want to be known for?

In a word, my work. Though it’s a tough question for me to answer since it’s an on-going process for me to find my own design voice. However, what I do strive for, is to become a designer who never stops learning and keeps moving forward.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad

4 | What is your design process?

Whenever I design for a space, regardless of its scale, it needs to start with a well thought out floor plan. I usually account for the requirements needed in the space and the design direction of the client. From there, I try to find inspiration from photos and see what catches my attention. It doesn’t need to be relevant to the design brief, so long as it evokes a mood. Once I find the tone, on which I will base my design theme (it can be a pattern, a color, or an artwork), it’s just a matter of putting things together in 3D and seeing how it all relates with each other.

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5 | Who’s your design hero?

Well, Kelly Wearstler, hands down. Her work is aspirational for me. I am truly impressed on how she mixes bold prints with bold colors and still maintaining an elegant vibe. She creates spaces that is memorable, impactful, and full of character.

6 | Where do you get your inspiration?

A number of sources—books, movies, makeover shows, Instagram, Pinterest, and personal travels.


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7 | What’s your design no-no?

Avoid buying all your furniture pieces in a set or all in one place. It gives off a lackluster feel for your home and you want to show your personality in your space. So, go for a curated look by adding an heirloom piece that you have inherited from your family and mixing it with a complementary furniture you have just bought.

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8 | What’s your ultimate design tip?

One sure thing to make your space cohesive is sticking to your theme. When in doubt, always refer to your color scheme and design style. So, if you’re going for the Scandinavian style, make sure your colors are muted, white, and gray with touches of light wood. It should be clean and minimalist with a cozy feel.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad

9 | What’s your dream project at the moment?

I would love to do a boutique hotel someday. One that has a quirky personality to its brand and gives me the creative freedom to design. To be honest, I guess that is the ultimate dream when you’re a designer—having creative freedom!

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10 | Where is it best to splurge budget on?

Hiring a professional designer is important and their expertise is indispensable when it comes to creating your dream space. Often times, homeowners skimp on this and think they can save on their budget if they put it towards more on their construction costs. However, they forget that having a design, carefully planned will save you not only on construction costs, but also on time and headaches with your builders.

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