10 Questions With Interior Designer Mauro Nepomuceno

Interior designer Mauro Nepomuceno Jr. is the Principal Designer of MN Design Studio, a team of professional interior designers that believe design is not solely about aesthetics—but is also a science. Prior to establishing his own design firm in 2013, Mauro ranked 7th place in the Interior Design Board Exams. He has worked on several residential, corporate, and hotel spaces that showcase his unique design flair and touches. Get to know him more below:

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1 | Why did you want to be a designer?

I’ve always been into art. So I think this is just a step up from doing sketches, drawing, and cartooning for me. I got into design because of art.

2 | What made you decide to go start your own firm?

The restrictions of working for a firm. I’ve always believed that I can give out and contribute more to the design industry which I won’t be able to do when I’m boxed inside a firm or design company.

3 | If you weren’t gonna be an interior designer, what would you be?

I’ll probably be a vocalist in a band. Or an artist.

Interior Designer Mauro Nepomuceno

4 | Why did you study interior design?

I wasn’t sure what interior design was before. I thought it was about cars. Apparently not. *laughs* I didn’t love it at first but it grew on me when I reached my third year in UST.

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5 | Who is your design hero?

Locally, it’s Wilmer Lopez. Probably because of his courage to do something others can’t do. Basically, he started industrial style in the Philippines eh. Not that I’m a 100% believer of industrial design but he gave the Philippine interior design something that’s not usual. That’s what I want to be eh—a designer you can’t compare to others.

6 | What’s your design no-no? One thing you wouldn’t recommend to people?

Repeating designs. I don’t follow Pinterest, or Google Images. I always tell my people that design is unlimited so make sure your design is borne from your mind.

7 | Where do you get your inspiration?

From everywhere else. I can look at a lamp or a beautiful artwork and not use it in a space. I can deconstruct it. But I don’t literally lift something and apply it to the design. Textures of a rock or the color of a sky can be an inspiration, but I won’t necessarily just copy it and apply to a space.

Joey Tribbiani

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8 | Where is it best to splurge budget?

I think the things you actually touch or in contact it. If you have a limited budget, would you spend it on the floor or a bed? No. Spend it on the things that will make you comfortable. I think at the end of the day, you’re spending to achieve comfort. The visual aspect is just next to how comfortable your space is, at least for me.

9 | What’s your dream project at the moment?

Everyone dreams of a hotel project. But I’d like to do something different, maybe like a sari-sari store. Imagine a very cool sari-sari store. I don’t wanna design something commonly seen every day.

10 | What’s the best tip anyone’s given you?

A client slash contractor once told me, “Nobody has the monopoly of excellence.”

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