5 Holiday Plants You Can Have In Your Condo Even If It Isn’t Christmas

Artificial plants, like the Christmas trees we buy from the department store, are the go-to decorations during the holidays, especially of condo dwellers who have limited spaces and sometimes, budget. These fake plants are easy to assemble, maintain, and keep when the Yuletide is over. However, those are also the same reasons why we prefer to have fresh and live holiday plants in our condos; we want something that can stay with us even when the Christmas carols have faded into the background and the decors are shoved back into the storage.

Although artificial plants don’t wither like live plants, they do lose their charm when Christmas has come and gone. Live plants, on the other hand, continue to bloom. Wondering what those plants are besides poinsettia? Here are 5 more holiday plants you can have in your condos when the festivities are over!

1 | Christmas Cactus

So-called because they bloom flowers whenever Christmas comes, this type of succulent is perfect for places with tropical climate. The Christmas cactus blooms flowers which last for several days, or weeks when properly taken care of. This plant is relatively easy to maintain: it should be potted with soil rich in humus, evenly moist, and properly drained especially while blooming. It must be placed where there’s moderate and partial sunlight. What’s more, it propagates easily, so if ever you think you’ve had too many, you can give it as a gift to other plant lovers you know.


2 | Holly

Deck the halls with boughs of holly—we often hear this line from a popular song whenever it’s Christmas, but holly plants aren’t just for the holidays. Although there are many varieties of the holly plant, some are tree-like while others are shrubs, the most common is Ilex Aquifolium or the one that bears the bright red berries you see in holiday ornaments. (It is important to know that male and female plants are needed to have these berries.) While the red berries instantly give off a festive vibe, the evergreen leaves of holly can also deliver a dose of freshness indoors. Just make sure they still get enough sunlight in partial shade and keep the soil moist but properly drained.


3 | Rosemary

If you’re for the multi-functional plant, here’s rosemary for you. The herb isn’t just for seasoning your lamb chops or your butterfly chicken, it’s also a great indoor ornamental plant that infuses your home with a hint of hillside fragrance with its piney scent. Rosemary comes in different varieties with different flower colors: blue, pink, and white. Whichever you go for, rosemary is an easy-to-maintain herb making it ideal even for condos. It likes to stay dry and soak in the sun, so place them by the window that allows natural light in. Terracotta pots are also a great home for rosemary as they help drain the soil easier.


4 | Amaryllis

The amaryllis plant blooms a trumpet-like flower during the holidays, so it’s often associated with Christmas. It’s also a holiday plant favorite because it is probably the easiest to bloom of all the flowering bulbs. These bulbs love sunlight, so place them by the window where the sun hits partially. Amaryllis plants also  thrive in well-drained soil.


5 | Norfolk Island Pine

Although not really a pine variety, Norfolk Island Pine is a popular holiday plant because it does seem like it’s a pine tree with its pyramidal shape. It also loves the sun so it’s best placed by the window with most sunlight coming in. Remember to rotate it as needed as it will follow where the light is. You wouldn’t want a droopy plant, would you? While it’s not Christmas, the Norfolk Island Pine makes a great addition to your condo’s overall ambiance.


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