9 Feng Shui Tips Perfect for Small Condos

According to Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua, small condos are in more dire need of Feng Shui over houses. Aside from the challenge of limited space, small condos have the disadvantage of having a concentrated exposure of negative energy in them. “Negative energy is stagnant energy. If you have negative energy in your space, it can bring you bad health and arguments. You can also lose opportunities in your love life, or your career,” shares Master Hanz. When it comes to Feng Shui, small condos are not hopeless. There are ways to combat the bad luck! If you reside in a small space here are 9 bonafide tips to improve the energy in your small condo.

1 Clutter Be Gone

Making your small condo into a warehouse of stuff is not going to help your small condo be lucky at all. Feng Shui dictates that you only keep what is essential because keeping more items that you don’t really need is like storing more bad energy. Decluttering can help your mind relax and release the tensions of the past. Bets to keep your small space minimal because the more clutter, the more “visual clutter” for your brain to absorb.

2  Clean Weekly

Aside from decluttering, you have to remember to clean up your home. Clean up your small condo from the light bulbs, the sink, and even under the bed. Bad energy can be hiding anywhere in your unit so best to rid your unit of it by cleaning every nook and cranny.


3 Let the Light in

Natural light is a source of positive energy so tie the curtains to the side or pull the blinds up to let the sunshine in your small condo!

4 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a well-known design trick to create the illusion of a larger space. For Feng Shui, it is also a way to improve the energy in your small condo. It is needed because mirrors reflect and bounce light. However, never put a mirror directly across the toilet of your main door, this is said to cause bad luck.

5 Open Doors And Windows

Open your doors and windows at least every other day for an hour to let the bad energy leave the room and let new, good energy in. Air-circulations plays a huge role in this. If you live in a condo that has no windows, turn on the air-con or electric fan to keep the energy from being stagnant.

6 Move Stuff Around

In light with keeping the energy moving, routinely layout changes will also help you boost the positive energy in your space. Rearranging furniture pieces will help breathe new life into your space, remember: stagnant energy is negative energy so move your pieces around every now and ththen.

7 Play Some Music

“Music, may it be a Chinese mantra, Buddhist, Christian or Indian songs, or any happy songs all help,” Master Hanz shares. Opening your TV or streaming some rustling water sounds while visualize negative energy flowing away is also a good idea.

8 Light a Candle or Two 

Scented candles are a great investment, they set the mood, diffuse a scent, and (you guessed it) boost positive energy in your space! It invites good energy in. Master Hanz Cua suggests green, red, and pink candles for good luck; black or white candles invite the dead.

9 Host Parties

The Feng Shui master points out that throwing chill and intimate parties can invite in good vibes because the good memories created in the space will generate good energy in the long run. “Invite friends, have some fun but nothing too wild,” tips Master Hanz.