#AskNextDoor: What Are The Top 5 Colors For Small Spaces?

White is the go-to color when deciding on a paint or base color for a space around 40 square meters or smaller. While white really does the job in brightening and making a space seem more spacious and airy than it actually is, it can sometimes go from sparkling to boring. If you’re looking for more exciting colors that does the same effect, you’re in the right place!

“What are your top 5 best colors, besides white, to make a small unit look and feel spacious?” asks @raphparagas on CondoLiving’s Instagram page.


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To answer his query, we’ve asked some of our local interior designer friends on their recommended colors for small spaces. Most of them suggest neutral colors as base for the unit. They say that neutrals are the fool-proof choices since they are easy on the eyes and reflects more light. While the neutral palette is broad, we’ve narrowed down 5 colors for small spaces that we’ve been seeing in tiny condos nowadays.

1 Grays

Turn white a bit darker and you get gray, which has been one of the top choices of colors for small spaces. Since the Scandinavian style set the trend, this color and the variety of hues one can make from it has really been the go-to of designers as well as home and design enthusiasts for a clean and maaliwalas feel.

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Millennial Pink

For a more feminine touch, opt for light hues of pink, or the most popular shade Millennial Pink. This color isn’t just feminine, this also has the same effect as white and grays in small condos. Since it’s a light shade, it reflects light that makes any tiny space seem a little larger than it actually is.


Another option for colors for small spaces is beige, which has a bit of warmth compared to gray which is really neutral in tone. Designers and condo dwellers choose this color for its homey and inviting vibe. You may have it in your unit using paint or wood details like this condo.

Japanese Zen Style

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Periwinkle Blue

Blue is another easy-on-the-eyes color, but it’s even more when it’s in a muted or subtle hue like periwinkle. Although it looks really subdued, periwinkle blue is an unusual shade to play with. It then adds more personality and fun to a small space, aside from a spacious and airy feel.

5 Muted Green

Another fun color is green. It gives instant life and freshness to any room, especially when the space is nestled in a high-rise building where having a garden view isn’t always given. And since we’re going for something light and maaliwalas, we suggest a muted green color like the one in this condo.


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