#AskNextDoor: Want To Get Your Condo Featured? Here’s How!

For this #AskNextDoor, we answer the most frequently asked question, in all its variations: “Hi, how can I get my condo featured?” or “I have a condo project I’ve recently finished, and I want to pitch this to CondoLiving. To whom do I address my proposal?” and some even “Hello! Hope you can take a look at my unit, and consider this for a feature.”


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You’ve probably asked these yourself, and maybe even left us a message. If so, or if you’re just thinking about it but really do not have any idea who to reach out to, here’s what you need to do:

1 | Form And Function

The most important factors to get your condominium featured on CondoLiving are its looks and functionality. We are really particular about—and interested to know—how these two come together in your space. Truth be told, there are many nicely designed condominiums. However, we are not just after aesthetics, but how the various design elements are able to interact with and affect the lives of the dwellers.

2 | Picture Perfect

Given that the editorial team has never been to your condo, we require that you provide us with a set of clear pictures showing how your space looks like. Professional photography isn’t required, especially that most mobile phones are equipped with high-resolution cameras. Great photos taken on eye-level would definitely help us envision how your condominium will appear on the website. The photos will also help us plan the styling requirements ahead. We would like to request that you refrain from editing the photos heavily, but you may adjust the brightness.

3 | Tell A Tale

We love design and all the processes it entails, so tell us something about the condominium unit and its owners. It always excites us to know the story behind why your condo looks the way it is, and how it came to be. Indulge us with details like where the furniture items were sourced, or how an interesting painting found its way to the living area. We’d also love to know who or what lifestyle the condo owners lead, so we can see the larger picture. Don’t be overwhelmed with writing—a clear outline or bullet points will certainly do.

4 | Via Email

Done with the first three? Then it’s time to send it to our inbox! In the Subject box, write Condo Feature – (the condo’s area) – (design style). For example, Condo Feature – 150-sqm – Industrial. Then, send your email to [email protected]. 💌

5 | Or Fill This Form


Renovating your condo? Wondering which paint to choose for your bedroom? Condoliving.OneMega.com is open to answer your questions! Comment on our posts or hit our inboxes with issues about your condo—from cleaning advice to how to deal with that annoying neighbor—we’ll give you the best design and lifestyle advice from interior designers and home experts! Comment your issues away, we’re just a door away! 🚪

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