#AskNextDoor: Here’s Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer For Your Rental Condo

Here in CondoLiving, we’ve met condo owners who purchased and furnished their units while being based overseas. Most of their stories about furnishing their units’ interiors have been a success—all while communicating and monitoring the progress with their designers through the Internet.

While some units are made to be vacation homes, others were put up for rent, and sometimes both. Whichever the owners’ purposes are, most of them if not all, hired licensed interior designers.

“I just recently purchased my first unit. I work abroad and will probably use the unit once or twice a year, so I want to put it up for rental. I need help if I should hire an interior designer or just a contractor and do the design myself?” asks @leighfrancbello on CondoLiving’s Instagram page.

Buying condos and then renting them out has been a trend in the Philippines, and if you’re a newcomer in the business, it’ll be tough for you if you don’t up your game. The industry is highly competitive, whichever platform you use to rent out your unit.

One of the condo owners we’ve met before said, “I prefer that [the renters] have nothing to say because everything has been provided for them,” when asked why she chose to dress up her rental condo more than simply providing a blank canvas and a few furniture and appliances. The owner asked interior designer Chitz Legaspi to create a space that would accommodate the needs of a potential tenant even if they didn’t match hers—one of their standard practices before entertaining potential tenants.

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If you’re abroad and cannot supervise the furnishing of your newly-purchased condo unit, we highly suggest you to find an interior designer who shares the same style you have in mind or who you believe has the capacity to translate your ideas into reality. Finding one wouldn’t be as hard now that the web provides almost every answer to any question you type in on the search bar.

One US-based couple found interior designer Rock Robins’ portfolio online, which they liked, so they hired him to design their 78-sqm vacation home in Manila. The couple and the designer communicated via emails and Facebook throughout the project and all submissions and approvals were done online. As the husband explains, “The working relationship was fantastic. Transparency is key here and he’s been able to give us a timeline and manage the project to that timeline. Working with Rock helped to ease our nervousness about managing a project from abroad.”

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Essentially, hiring an interior designer for your rental condo’s renovation instead of doing the designing yourself and everything else with your contractor when you’re miles apart means peace of mind for you. The interior designer knows his or her craft, and they will handle everything from the planning and designing, sourcing of materials, and furnishing the unit itself. They’re licensed to do so, anyway.

Also, according to Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) president IDr. Lilia de Jesus, “Although it is certainly not cheap, we at PIID always say that the outcomes far outweigh the costs when it comes to hiring a professional interior designer. Most are unaware of the many factors that influence the designing of spaces. Clients must be properly oriented on the social, economic, cultural, physical, and psychological facets and continuum of space.”

Make sure you get the most out of your real estate investment. Hire a licensed interior designer.

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