#AskNextDoor: Want That Heavenly Hotel Scent In Your Unit? Here’s How!

We often get inspired by hotels when it comes to designing our abodes, but there’s another thing we’ve been coveting: the scent. Hotels, spas, and high-end malls usually have this certain scent that just takes your breath away when you enter these establishments. Surely, there have been people wanting to replicate the feel and smell of these spaces in their own condos. Want that heavenly hotel scent, too? Here are five ways you can take it to your own unit!

“How do you keep a condo smelling good for days? I noticed that the ones we’ve rented have certain fragrance that just stay. How do they do it?” asks @ryanicci on CondoLiving’s Instagram page.

1 | Exhaust And Ventilation Are Key

Make sure your unit is well-ventilated, where fresh air easily circulates inside. This way, whatever bad odor accumulates in your unit can effortlessly escape. If you aren’t blessed with a well-ventilated unit, invest in a good exhaust. Pure or clean air inside the unit is an essential factor to having the space smelling good. You can use a mechanical purifier or indoor plants.

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2 | Keep Moisture At Bay

Another way, which is related to ventilation, is ensuring your unit’s temperature balanced, humidity most importantly. Keep the inside of your condo 5-8 degrees lower than the outside. Doing this decreases the formation of molds and mildew in your furniture pieces and old documents, which fill the air with a damp smell.

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3 | Put Baking Soda In Your Garbage Bag

Aside from food and damp smell, one major factor to stinking your unit is the garbage. While throwing the garbage on a daily is a good way to lessen the stench it gives off, it’s not as efficient. Here’s our trash trick: baking soda in your garbage bag. Baking soda is a known bad odor-eliminator, so putting it at the bottom of your garbage bag helps reduce the stink from the mixture of trash, even if you throw it weekly.

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4 | Use A Home Scent

This might be the first thing you’ll think of when it comes to room fragrance, and you’ve probably seen it everywhere (even in public bathrooms!). And this is a really good way to keep your unit smelling good. Choose a home scent that you want to make your unit’s overall signature scent: citrusy, sweet, or clean-as-fresh-linen.

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5 | Maintain A Tidy Space

Lastly and most importantly, maintain a spick and span space. No matter how many air fresheners you place in your unit, it just wouldn’t smell as fresh because of the funky smell of the untidy clothes, the dirty dishes left in the sink, or the trash that are yet to be thrown out. If you’re aiming for a heavenly scent for days, you have to have a tidy space first!

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