Get Rid Of Clutter With These Basic Steps In Editing Your Space

What do you see when you enter a room in your house? Do you see the furniture pieces, the different décor, or the unsightly clutter that shouldn’t even be there in the first place? Keeping your house in order requires attention and commitment. Simply put, once you allow clutter to rule your room, it will take you more time and energy to reclaim your space. We understand that not everyone would have the luxury of time to devote to cleaning, so here is a simple process with easy-to-follow steps to help you better edit your home.

condoliving get rid of clutter with the basics of editing your space condo unit

1 | Create A List

Learn how to prioritize things and come up with a list of the areas in the house that you need to organize. Stick your list on a surface that you see, like your vanity mirror or the door of the fridge. It is advisable that you start with the innermost areas, or the rooms on the topmost floor, and work your way out and down.

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2 | Have A Schedule

Realistically, you cannot organize the entire condo in one go. It is better to come up with a schedule or a timetable, including a target date for the project. To make it easier, break it down into days and corners or rooms. This way, you will have a system in place and you can track your progress. Bigger rooms and spaces may be broken down into smaller parts so you can still attend to other important things.

condoliving get rid of clutter with the basics of editing your space schedule calendar

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3 | Edit, Edit, Edit

Sentimental people would find it really hard to part ways with things they don’t even need, while people on the go would often see piles of papers everywhere. When you sort your things, decide if you still need them in your life. Avoid storing things that will just dust catchers in the end. While going through your items, have sorting bins ready with the following labels: KEEP, DONATE, THROW.

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4 | Store Properly

When you store items, make sure that you can retrieve them easily when you need them. While proper labeling helps a great deal, it also makes things a lot easier if you use the same types of containers. Avoid future eyesore and use containers that are stackable to keep your space neat.

condoliving get rid of clutter with the basics of editing your space pantry

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5 | Make It A Practice

We constantly acquire things, and if you wait for a long time before you sort all of them out, you would find yourself being surrounded by clutter over and over again. Once you get a system in place, do not break but make organizing a habit.

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