Steal The Look: An Uncomplicated Work Space For Every #GirlBoss

In case you haven’t heard yet, BLK Cosmetics has recently revamped their new HQ. And we’re in love with their uncomplicated #girlboss working space, from their marble wall and that ‘Hello Gorgeous’ neon sign to their chic conference room!

Want to cop this look in your very own workspace? Here’s how you can achieve it—uncomplicated, like BLK Cosmetics!

Condoliving BLK Cosmetics HQ

1 | Keep It Simple Yet Striking

BLK Cosmetics co-founders Anne Curtis and Jacqe Gutierrez are passionate for “uncomplicated beauty,” and they translated it to their dream work space really well. Their HQ has a black-pink-white color palette that’s coherent to their makeup line’s branding, accentuated with clean lines and smooth curves. The minimal mid-century modern vibe of the HQ is then amped up by the textures and finishes they used.

If you want something similar, pick a color scheme you can commit to, opt for minimalist or mid-century modern furniture pieces and accessories, and mix and match smooth and textured surfaces. Like this lounge area that Anne and Jacqe created for their guests, use Crate&Barrel’s Petrie Apartment Sofa, and Pelliccia and Lokima throw pillows against a dark wall and offset that smooth marble wall on one side.

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Condoliving BLK Cosmetics HQ

2 | Let There Be Light

Good lighting is another must-have to give any space character. Depending on the lighting fixture you use, you can make a room bright and airy, or mysterious and moody. In BLK HQ, they created a space that has ample light. It’s a given, as they are a makeup brand that needs proper lighting to play with colors and finishes. Aside from the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ signage at the lounge area that really grabs everyone’s attention, they used Crate & Barrel’s Rooke Pendant Light in the conference room, and the work areas.

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Condoliving BLK Cosmetics HQ

3 | A Shelf Life

From product development planning to marketing meetings, a conference room is definitely one of the key areas in any office. In BLK Cosmetics, they made their conference room chic with plush velvet mid-century modern chairs placed around a rustic reclaimed wood dining table. A tall cabinet also adds character, not to mention storage space, and somewhat mirrors the glass room divider.

To achieve this, you can use Crate&Barrel’s Paloma Dining Table, Casement Tall Cabinet, and Rooke Pendant Light.

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Condoliving BLK Cosmetics HQ

“I think it is essential to have a clean and relaxed environment at work,” says Anne. “It is important to have a good space where you can really have enough room for creativity.” Anne shares that one way to create more character in a room is to add really nice small details, like throw pillows or comfortable blanket.

“I really love what they (design team) did to the place—warm, cozy, and fuzzy,” says Jacqe.

These #girlbosses are currently enjoying doing business and welcoming guests to BLK HQ, the heart of BLK Cosmetics, an easy to use and uncomplicated makeup line. Now it’s your turn!


Want to steal the look of BLK? Get it at Crate&Barrel! Crate&Barrel stores in the Philippines are located at SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Aura Premier and SM Makati.

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