It Looks Nice But Can We Please Stop Making Breakfast in Bed Into A Thing?

We know, we know. We just published a story about acing the art of eating breakfast in bed. However, be wary, having breakfast in bed is not all that glamourous. If you’ve ever tried it, it can be comfy if you can master the art of eating breakfast in bed, but it can also be a pain in the neck. Here’s why!

1 | It’s Dirty Business

Eating in bed can get dirty with all the crumbs falling on your bed. These crumbs can invite tiny mites to turn your bed into a buffet. Your next few slumbers will be a party with mites, have fun!

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2 | Spills

No matter how stable your bed tray is, spills can and will happen accidentally. The worst thing that can happen from this incident? Stained bedsheets and a marked bed! Not to mention a ruined morning.

3 | You Already Got Up, So Stay Up

Unless your breakfast in bed is being prepared by your S.O., getting up to prepare your breakfast in bed is a total hassle. We’re sure you have a dining are lying around your condo so just eat there. Remember, your bed is only for sleeping and romance. Doing more stuff on it will program your body that it’s not just for relaxing = a harder time to fall asleep.

4 | There Are Other Places To Eat Aside From Your Bed

Metro Manila is a sprawling and blossoming metropolis with food options ready to feed every single condo dweller. Be it a cheap but simple meal from the convenience store to a fancy brunch spot, the options are endless! Also, you can have a brunch sesh with your besties. That’s a better way to start your day!