Remember These Tips Before Buying The Perfect Candle For Your Space!

Scented candles can do wonders for your space and your being. If you don’t believe it, you’ve either never tried it or you chose the wrong candle. If it’s your first time to buy a scented candle, do not be fooled by the wide variety available out there. Not all candles are made the same, they vary in shape, size, and purpose. So here are a few things to remember before you buy the perfect candle for your space!

1 | Find The Right Size

Obviously, a small candle won’t cover a huge space. Candles at 180 grams to 22o  grams can cover up to 10-sqm. If you have a large space, opt for a larger candle. You can also spread candles in an area of the same scent.

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condoliving candle buying tips

2 | Wax The Matter

Candles made with beeswax and essential oils burn better. But soy-based waxes are the best, they’re organic and burn longer than petroleum-paraffin waxes. Did we mention soy’s good for the environment?

3 | Message Scent

Just like perfume, candle scents are extremely subjective. Choose one that speaks to you and compliments your space. It was Ilse Crawford that said design has to be heard, felt, and smelt. If you have an industrial space, consider sandalwood or cedar. For a cozy and shabby chic space, opt for vanilla or floral scents.

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condoliving candle buying tips

4 | Consider The Container

Look for a candle in jar with an open mouth to avoid trapping the scent in. This also means less chances of burning the jar and having soot dust on the edges.

5 | The Wick Is Important!

Asode from the scent, the container, and quality of wax, the wicker is also important. The tiny piece of thread is responsible for diffusing the scent. Try to look for cotton wickers.


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