Chat Fores’ Loft Condo Is An Eclectic Art Collector’s Dream

Chat Fores is no stranger to interior design, she even jokes that her mother groomed her to be one by giving her design digests and magazines at a very young age. Chat Fores is the interior designer behind numerous prestigious properties in Metro Manila. This time, she is designing a halfway home for her and her family.



The condo is just three meters wide, glass mirrors are a must to make the space appear wider than it actually is. Chat went for a black tinted mirror for less glare. No one wanted to buy the tassel piece that now hangs above the dining area. Chat’s eye for unique pieces and her penchant for making them work with other elements definitely sets her apart from other designers.

Chat Fores Condo


A custom kitchen counter and concealer was added in the condo to hide unwanted clutter and smells, especially when the designers have guests come over.

Chat Fores CondoLIVING ROOM

Chat shares that she has always wanted the armalite lamp since she was in college but never had enough money to buy it at the time. It holds court in the middle of the living and dining area, partnered with a cowhide accent chair.

Chat Fores Condo

Chat Fores Condo

The unit’s tight width is compensated with the height. The interior designer made use of this vast space and adorned it with artwork she has collected through the years. An interesting choice of wallpaper also makes the condo stand out. Chat added a gray cloud wallpaper on the ceiling for an eclectic touch.

Chat Fores Condo

Across the cowhide chair is a Prizmic & Brill luggage table filled with the designer’s accessories.

Chat Fores Condo


Prizmic & Brill was making the leather luggage sink for an African resort. Chat was able to score one and it has been in her warehouse for the longest time, it is now in the condo’s guest bathroom.

Chat Fores Condo


The mom of two admits that she considered a lot of safety in the design for the same of her kids. “This bed isn’t my type but I had to choose one with safe corners for the kids,” Chat Fores shares.

Chat Fores Condo


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