A Chic Condo inspired by Carrie Bradshaw

In CondoLiving’s Designer Challenge, interior designers are given imaginary client that they need to create a unit for. In this designer challenge, Uzel Alconera was given iconic TV character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City as the muse of this stylish and cozy condo. Uzel is a licensed interior designer specializing in residential and commercial spaces, her designs reflect minimalist and wabi-sabi aesthetic.

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The designer made sure to provide a mini office space for the New York columnist

Uzel shares that she first wondered “What would Carrie wear?” when creating the design. The interior designer was intrigued how Carrie mixes kitschy clothing with haute couture, this was the main persona that inspired the space. A mix of modern and vintage accessories make the space look interesting. The bed doubles as a wall separating the bedroom and the walk-in closet. The walls are painted white to balance out all the prints ang colors in the furniture and accessories.  The ceiling is kept high because just like her heels (she said), the higher, the closer to heaven. Bold floral patterned wallpaper and kitshy vintage furniture like the reading chair and four-poster bed are used in her bedroom to represent old-fashioned and deeply romantic Carrie Bradshaw.

The designer added a Degas painting by the foyer as a reference to Carrie’s signature pink tutu
The designer even added a Degas painting by the foyer as a reference to Carrie’s signature pink tutu

In the balcony is a lounge chair because any Sex and the City fan would know Carrie’s love-love hate relationship with smoking. And of course, a very large closet, a Carrie Bradshaw essential. Uzel kept the shelves open so Carrie can display her favorite strappy sandals and designer bags. A sliding mirror can also hide any clutter the client would want to hide for when she has her admirers over.

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“I like my money where I can see it: in my closet!”– Carrie Bradshaw.



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