Here’s A Complete Condo Renovation Checklist Just For You!

With thousands of tutorial videos and instructions online, it’s not entirely impossible to renovate your unit on your own. However, DIY renovations are tricky, stressful, and tedious—and can sometimes result to a fiasco. If you’re a condo dweller planning to renovate your unit, here’s a comprehensive checklist to help you plan accordingly:


Identify the problem. Just like solving any math or science problem, the first step in carrying out a renovation is to identify the reason why it is needed. If your unit is over 10 years old and has some fixtures that are not efficiently functioning anymore, maybe it’s time you give it a makeover. The reason for renovation may also be as simple as you growing bored or tired out of its design or layout.

Set your goals. Settle if you’re having the unit renovated for rental purposes or for longer take of residence. Having a concrete end goal will help you go about the next steps of the renovation process.

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Define areas to renovate. Unit renovation does not necessarily mean an entire overhaul. You may pick certain areas of the unit to renovate and leave out some untouched—all depending on your needs, lifestyle, or goals.

Know your style and needs. The key to achieving the perfect living space is by knowing your own self and personality. Your interests and hobbies can help you in choosing which colors, patterns, textures, or finishes to incorporate in your unit. Moreover, your needs can help you set out the layout of the unit. All these will help you identify ways to make your unit more functional and tailor fit to your lifestyle.

Look for inspiration. Before setting off with the renovation, picture out your dream living space and look for design inspirations across different platforms. You may look for design ideas in magazines, online websites, or even from your local or international travels.

Set your budget. It takes time and (a lot of) money to attain the living space of your dreams. Set a specific budget for the unit renovation that should include material costs, labor, and miscellaneous fees. Be prepared for unexpected or added costs by working with a contingency fund.

Ask for help. While DIYs are easy to accomplish, hiring an interior designer and a contractor is still your best bet if you want to avoid a renovation fiasco. Moreover, if you’re planning to move walls or plumbing lines, you may also need an architect to help you with the overhaul.

Deal with paperwork. As you hire a professional team for your unit’s overhaul, prepare to give out contracts that detail how long the renovation should take and what goals are to be achieved. You may also need to process construction permits with your building’s administration or owner before you can start with the renovation.

Find another place. After the essential permits are done, secure a place where you can stay during the renovation period. Most renovation projects take up months so you will definitely need a different living space where you can temporarily stock your belongings and items.


Shop for items. If you don’t plan on keeping your existing furniture and other home pieces, you’ll definitely need to replace them with new ones. Allot some ample time for you, along with the designer, to look for pieces you’d like to put inside your newly renovated unit.

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Pay visits. Visit your unit at least an hour a day to check its renovation progress. This way, you’ll be able to ensure if all measurements are exact or if the colors of the walls are right. Assess if the floor plan is efficient, after all it’s you who’s going to live in it.

Keep in touch. Always keep your communications with the interior designer or contractor open all the time. In case problems or concerns arise, you and the design time can come into quick decisions to avoid construction delays and ensure the project gets completed on time.

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Give a final check. Before moving back in, inspect all corners and nooks of your newly renovated unit to ensure everything is done according to plan. Double check if there are any errors in the construction.

Invite guests over. Once you have returned to your renovated place, invite some friends and family for a housewarming party to celebrate your new home!

Add personal touches. Now that you’re back at home, finish the renovation by adding your favorite trinkets or pieces for a more personalized feel. Enjoy and make new memories inside your new living space!

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