Here’s An Easy Condo Kitchen Update That Won’t Break The Bank

Condo dwellers, especially those who lease the unit, are all familiar with this scenario: a compact kitchen with even more compact cabinets to hold your essentials. In finding something you need, you go over the different cabinets only to find out that something you’re looking for was in the first cabinet all along.

condoliving condo kitchen update

Covered cabinets are perfect if you want to conceal the clutter within. However, modern kitchens allow better mobility and enhanced functionality within the space—especially for condominium units with less than modest cuts. We give you some easy tips to give your kitchens an updated feel without breaking the bank.

1 | Mirror The Horizontal

You know how using mirrors has the ability to expand the space? When we say mirror the space, we do not just mean using reflective surfaces. To increase the storage capacity of your compact kitchen, an ingenious way is to make the overhead space able to hold other items. Think about having overhead pot rack, or a ceiling mounted utensils holder. By mirroring the horizontal, your condo kitchen has more spaces.

condoliving condo kitchen update mirror the horizontal open it up

2 | Open It Up

Get your kitchen to have the contemporary feel by doing away with cabinet doors and employ open shelves. Do not be confined with the single slab of wood. Open shelves come in different forms, sizes, finish, and shapes to add architectural interest to your condo kitchen.

3 | Light It Up!

In order to enhance workability of the space, proper lighting is a must. For your condo kitchen, you can combine task and ambient lighting to address the functional needs, as well as to help set the ambiance. Decorative lighting fixtures also make the space more visually interesting and appealing.

condoliving condo kitchen update light it up

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