Cebu-Based Interior Designer Plays With Neutrals In This Classy Contemporary Unit

Situated in the Queen City of the South is a contemporary condo unit that exudes a cozy and relaxing feel crafted by Cebu-based interior designer Janet Lee. This two-bedroom unit mixes modern and classic pieces that match the city’s tranquil surroundings.

Owned by a woman whose schedule is always full due to the several businesses she handles, the client wished to have a comfy living space where she can just lounge in and relax.

contemporary condo cebu

The client met the interior designer through Janet’s sister. The client initially saw one of the designer’s posts on social media. Impressed by her online portfolio, the client hired Janet’s design team to design a previous condo unit. Satisfied with the outcome, the client then again hired Janet to design this contemporary unit—which is her newest living space.

“She wanted something similar with what we designed for a model unit at another building. The client’s only request was to make it look appealing without spending too much,” explains the designer.

contemporary condo cebu

“When choosing furniture and accessories for your home, they don’t need to be expensive to pull off that high-end sophisticated look, just carefully choose the right pieces and make sure that they all fit the space together,” shares interior designer Janet Lee.

Janet opted for a contemporary look but infused it with touches of modern and classic designs. In the living room is a media cabinet in traditional old wood but is contrasted with the glossy rectangular white coffee table placed at the center. “All the pieces you see on the shelves are fun and interesting to gaze at. In fact, shelf rearranging is also considered a therapeutic hobby,” Janet shares.

contemporary condo cebu

Most of the pieces and furniture were upholstered and customized to achieve the appealing yet cozy feel the client wanted. Janet and her team, meanwhile, accessorized the space by adding natural elements such as greens and accessories. They mix-matched modern and classic pieces together so as not to leave the unit monotonous.

contemporary condo cebu

“The key is to give this condo a warm and cozy feel. It was easy for us to work on this project because the client trust us so much and gave us the freedom to do our job from the concept to styling her condo,” shares designer Janet Lee.

contemporary condo cebu

One of things included in the client’s wish list was a full kitchen renovation. The client’s kitchen area was a dead and dull space before which Janet turned into something simply better, and larger. By reconfiguring its layout, Janet and her team were able to provide the client more space and storage. They picked gray tones for the cabinets and used carrara marble for the countertops and backsplash.

contemporary condo cebu

Moreover, the client also requested for a nice and organized laundry area. Janet and her team converted a small maid’s room into a laundry space with lots of storage. Janet also concealed an odd beam in the dining area with a built-in cabinet for extra storage.

contemporary condo cebu

“Be practical with your design plan and make sure both aesthetic and functionality work together,” Janet tips. With the right pieces and intricate design plan, Janet pulled off giving the unit a sophisticated and cozy appeal.


This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s April 2017 issue. Edits were made for

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