Rock Robins Designs A Timeless Living Space For A Family Of Four

Many condo unit owners love the sky-high lifestyle as everything is within reach: from malls, restaurants, to gyms, and even hospitals. One avid fan of living in a condo is the wife of this household. “I cannot imagine living in a village. In our condo, we won’t have to worry about security or maintenance. When you go downstairs everything’s there, it’s so convenient!” shares the lady of the home. She resides in this 157-square meter contemporary family condo together with her husband and two daughters.

condoliving contemporary family condo living area 2 rock robins

The family owns a house near the area which is currently being renovated. Upon completion, the family will move back and have this unit rented out. “But I really like it here!” jokingly whimpers the wife. As the unit will be up for rent in the near future, the married couple wanted it designed to appeal to a lot of potential renters. “We want to make it timeless because once our house is fixed we’ll move out and have it rented. We didn’t want it to be dated like say if we chose industrial or traditional style, we wanted something that would appeal to possible tenants,” the wife explains.

condoliving contemporary family condo living area rock robins

To fulfill the design they wanted, the couple hired interior designer Rock Robins to help them create a timeless and elegant-looking living space. Before they asked help from Rock, the couple hired an initial designer to design the unit. However, just weeks before its turnover, this designer had not carried out his design plans and failed to deliver. So the couple looked for another interior designer online and came across Rock’s projects and designs.

condoliving contemporary family condo dining area rock robins

After Rock took over the unit’s renovation, the spacious unit has been transformed into a living space the couple finally wanted. Now, the unit looks timeless with neutral colors and contemporary furniture pieces. What makes this unit even special is the vast painting collection of the married couple. Adorning the living spaces are artworks of renowned Filipino artists such as Jose T. Joya, Arturo Luz, Mauro “Malang” Santos, and Romulo Olazo.

Romulo Olazo’s bright paintings adorn the walls in the living room, framed by the wall moldings Rock installed to mimic the style of the classic interiors. On the other hand, two Arturo Luz paintings anchor the theme of the guest room. Another artwork hang on the wall of the dining area, doubled by a full wall mirror.

condoliving contemporary family condo guest room rock robins

At the farthest part of the unit is the children’s bedroom, exuding a bright and girly appeal through its bright pink and blue colors. The master’s, meanwhile, was maintained neutral for a relaxing and laid back feel. “I really love staying in my room especially when the windows are open. My view looks amazing especially during sunset and I can see Manila bay,” the wife says. On the left wall is an abstract painting by Jose T. Joya.

condoliving contemporary family condo kids room rock robins

condoliving contemporary family condo kids room rock robins

With Rock’s design touches and the family’s personality and art collection, this unit was transformed into a contemporary yet cozy getaway. The couple is more than happy they got a designer who was able to save the unit from the dread of the previous designer. “The reason why we hired Rock is because we felt comfortable enough to trust him. His taste matches ours,” the wife concludes. After the unit was turned into a comfy unit with timeless flairs, the wife is now more reluctant to depart from the condo life.

condoliving contemporary family condo master bedroom rock robins

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s December 2017-January 2018 issue. Edits were made for

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