A 55-Sqm Contemporary Loft Condo Designed For Total Relaxation

“The initial plan was to have it rented, but when he saw the unit he said he’ll just stay instead” laughs Interior designer Anla Li-Tan on this loft condo she recently worked on. The owner of the loft is a doctor who purchased the unit for rental or re-sell it. Anla is a licensed interior designer who runs her own firm. Since the loft condo was initially for rent, the interior designer crafted the unit with a palette of browns and touches of silver to appeal to any market. She also wanted the space to be very relaxing and calm. The result is a loft condo that is warm and welcoming with a very contemporary style.

Even if the owner doesn’t cook, Anla still installed a fully-functioning kitchen in case the owner changes his mind to resell the unit (although, it is unlikely). Separating the kitchen from the living area is a breakfast counter with chairs from Prizmic and Brill. The breakfast bar also creates a U-shaped pocket for the kitchen, separating it from the rest of the unit. The interior designer made perfect provisions for the microwave to fit in the kitchen.

Under the loft’s stairs and across the kitchen is the unit’s powder room dressed in gray wooden laminates, glass, and machuca tiles. The designer used laminates on the walls because it is unlikely that they will get wet, unlike in a bathroom.

Since real wood is expensive and laminates are sometimes low quality, the interior designer incorporated a lot engineered wood in the design. Engineered wood are more affordable than real wood but are just as durable. The curtains were custom-made and were even fitted to end right before they hit the stairs. A TV is to be installed facing the chesterfield couch, against the wooden slats of the stairs.

On the second floor of the condo unit is the bedroom and bathroom. Wooden finishes is installed from the floors to the walls for a warm feel. Before entering the bathroom, tiled with patterned tiles from La Europa, the interior designer installed fit-in cabinets that create the illusion of a mini walk-in closet.