Guess How This Cozy Condo Ditched Traditional Storage

Meet Patricia and Jose Carlos Yulo, a newlywed couple who started to embark on the condo life. Patricia is a partner of the gym chain 360° Fitness Club while her husband oversees Solo Meat Group, an importer and retailer of Australian meat. The young married couple wants to build a family while managing their businesses. Knowing this, both felt living in a two-storey condo would be the most logical choice.

Patricia has good eyes for design and collects design inspirations and pegs from the internet. However, she was not confident enough to design their new home by herself. A friend of hers referred interior designer Gelo Del Mundo.

The young couple travels often and collects a lot of momentos along the way so one of the main issues was how the couple could store their collectibles. Lucky, Gelo Del Mundo has the perfect condo storage hack. “If you need storage, you build cabinets. That’s the normal solution. But I think you have to assess if it’s something that can be displayed… So instead of having cabinets all over your condo, you can have shelves and fill it with nice looking boxes at least you solve that storage solution and at the same time it doesn’t look boxy,” the interior designer tips.

This same condo storage hack can be seen through the open-shelved bar that encloses the kitchen counter which displays the owners’ collection of plates and flatware from around the world. In the second floor of the loft unit, one of the bedrooms was made into a home office, waiting to be turned into a nursery when the time comes. 

Across the home office is the couple’s bedroom. As the other rooms of the house were high on textures, colors, and materials, Patricia and Jose Carlos wanted the master bedroom to be simpler. Both of them are avid readers which explains the book collection on the shelf above the headboard.

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