How to Create a Work Station in Your Condo

While we condo dwellers do not have the luxury of space to accommodate an office or a study, we do have the cafes below our units and co-working spaces around our area. However, you gotta admit that we sometimes scrimp on the moolah for your out-of-town trip next month or you simply want to save up on some cash. So you end up working on either the dining table or get cozy in your bed with your laptop in tow; five minutes later you’re binge-streaming some documentary about wine or snoozing off into a power “nap” that last longer than it should. Here are some tips to create a productive work station in your small unit.


  1. High Spaces

If you live in a studio unit and have no separate room for a study, consider buying a tall chair and a high table. The elevation makes the illusion that the space is separate from the rest of your unit, allowing you to avoid the tempting calls of the TV or other distractions.

  1. Pots, Plants, and Plans

Studies show that having plants in work spaces make employees 15% more productive and contribute to lessening stress. Also, there’s this something called the biophillia hypothesis. Biophillia predicts that humans are naturally inclined to connect with nature and in a concrete jungle with some sprinkling of greenery here and there, a little office plant could help a lot. See on on our desk: a stylish planter from

  1. Spray Away

While the smell of coffee can perk most of us up, getting a room spray or diffuser can help energize you to focus on your tasks. Yes, there are studies that prove it. Opt for an energizing scent like rosemary, citrus, or peppermint to boost up the productivity. If you’re tense and to chill down, lavender and bergamot should do the trick. We recommend room sprays from fellow condo dweller and fashion designer, Avel Bacudio.

  1. Do Some Doodling

Remember when you would doodle in the middle of class and your teacher would scold you for doing so? Turns out, doodling is actually good for you.  Studies have showed that aside from distressing you, doodling can help you focus, remember things, and boost your creativity. So keep a jar or a pot of colourful pens by your side.

  1. Recess!!!

Don’t forget to take a mini break too. You are not a robot so take a breather with a cup of Joe or steep some tea in a pot. Taking a break can help you look at things more clearly and help you re-evaluate your goals for that day. A 15-minute power nap will also help re-energize you, just make sure you don’t hit the snooze button!

  1. Be Book Bound

Keep your favorite books in hand just in case you hit a mental block or an “I’m-not-good-enough” moment. You can also put some reading materials that inspires you on hand for some additional inspo so you don’t end up Googling another TedTalk (but that works too). Some books from Elizabeth Gilbert and Austin Kleon should do the trick.


This story first appeared on CondoLiving June 2017. Edits were made for