8 Creative Ideas That Will Inspire You To Put Up Your Own Indoor Garden

Living in a condo has its pros and cons. While you get to enjoy amenities like an outdoor pool or a gym, compact floor spaces can be limiting. But who says you can’t put up an indoor garden right inside your compact dwelling?

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic hobbies out there. Staring at succulents is a great way to relieve stress and gardening is healthy for the mental well-being too! If you’re dreaming of owning a mini indoor garden but don’t have the luxury of space, here are 8 creative ways to make it happen:

1 | Wall Garden

Plants serve as natural air cleaners inside the home. One way to add succulents and plants in your unit is by mounting them on your walls. There is a wide range of plant pots and containers in varying sizes and colors available commercially. Choose containers that suit your personality or your home’s design and mount them on any wall of your choice.

indoor garden

2 | Hanging Planters

Maximize your space with hanging planters. Tiered hanging planters are easy to make. You could easily DIY one using terracotta pots, some rope, and a metal ring. Let your favorite plants dangle from the ceiling to soften and liven up your space!

indoor garden

3 | Terrariums

Terrariums are a fun take on your favorite succulents. It is a fancy word for a miniature garden contained in glass jars. These cute succulents bring greenery and make good accents to any space. 

indoor garden
Photo courtesy of Space Garden

4 | Bar Cart Garden

Whiskeys, scotch, or vodkas are not the only thing you could place in a bar cart. It turns out that your bar cart can be an avenue for your favorite plants and succulents, too! Place lush greeneries on the top and bottom sections of the bar cart. This lets you easily move them closer to the window so they can suck up daylight during the daytime. 

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indoor garden

5 | Balcony Garden

Make your condo balcony more livable by turning it into a small garden. Instead of simply using your balcony as storage or laundry area, turn it into a breathing space by filling it with lush plants and greens. Opt for plant stands if you want a more organized mini garden.

6 | Floor Planters

Create a happier living space with floor planters in different sizes or finishes. Placing floor planters around the unit help liven up dull spaces and reduce carbon dioxide levels inside. Floor planters make good accent pieces in the unit as well.

indoor garden

7 | Bench Garden

Let all your favorite herbs and greens sit on (and under) a bench! A bench garden will surely make a great conversation starter. Place the plants by a window for ample sunlight and don’t forget to water them regularly!

indoor garden

8 | Trellis

Fill up an empty space in the balcony with a trellis garden. Trellises can give shade to create a more relaxing and more airy balcony. Available in ready-made pieces, the intertwining wood design of trellises enhance any dull spaces too!

indoor garden

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