First Time Thrift Shopping At Dapitan Arcade? Here’s What To Do!

If you feel like your space needs an update but have no time, money, or patience to go through a renovation, accessorizing your space is exactly what you need. If you want the best bang for your buck and are up for a little adventure, visit Dapitan Arcade. It’s a rabbit hole of budget-friendly home accessories!

Many designers will confess that Dapitan is one of their go-tos for cheap yet stylish accessories. There’s a supplier for very part of your home, from trendy kitchen ceramics to interesting cabinet fillers. Some pieces are warehouse rejects from big brands abroad, while others are made by local suppliers that are export-quality. Either way, we’re sure you will find something worth your buck!

condoliving dapitan arcade thrift shop

If you’re bargain hunting in Dapitan over the weekend, here are some top shelf tips:

1 | Bring An Ecobag

Say no to plastics! It’s best to bring an ecobag or a cloth bag because they’re sturdier and can hold more items.

2 | Scout The Whole Arcade 

Some stores supply the same item but at a cheaper price, so make a round first and survey which stores sell the items you’re looking for at the best price.

3 | Haggle!

While the prices are already super cheap, it’s part of the fun! Negotiate your price, but don’t be rude.

4 | Beware Of The Season

Items also change per season. And yes, they have super cheap holiday decors. If you haven’t shopped here before, try it out when the ber-months come!

5 | Bring A Face Towel

There’s no air-conditioning here. Expect that you will sweat a lot when you shop here, especially when you’re walking around with several loot bags!

6 | Book A Car

There is street parking but we recommend just booking a car so you won’t have to constantly think of your car’s safety.

condoliving dapitan arcade thrift shop

Visit Dapitan Arcade at 37 Dapitan Corner, Kanlaon Street, Laurges, Quezon City

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s February 2018 issue. Edits were made for

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