A Condo Renter’s Guide To Decorating Walls Without Drilling Holes

Decorating walls when you’re renting a condo can either be a challenge or a breezy task, depending on the terms of lease you agreed on with your landlord, and sometimes with the building admin (Yes, some condominiums don’t allow drilling holes even if you already bought that unit, so always check with your landlord and admin officer.).

You’re at an advantage if you find a landlord that will allow you to decorate the unit as you wish, but that isn’t usually the case when you’re only leasing the space. So, how can renters make the space feel and look like their own? Here are 5 ways to decorate walls without drilling holes:

1 | Blu Tack, Tapes, And Stickers

Anything adhesive will be your best friend, but opt for those which you can easily remove when you need to, and won’t leave any marks or chip the wall paint. For lightweight and small wall decors, we recommend using Blu Tack, washi tapes, and stickers or wall decals. For those who aren’t familiar, Bostik’s Blu Tack is a  typically blue-colored reusable putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive, while washi tapes are decorative Japanese tapes usually used in craft-making.

condoliving decorate walls without holes blu tack washi tape

2 | Hooks

If you’re mounting decors that are heavier or bulkier, you can use hooks. How do you install hooks without actually drilling holes? Here’s one that every condo renter swear by: 3M’s Command hooks. It’s a typical hook, but with a super adhesive backing. The thing about it that made it a holy grail for renters is that despite it being ultra sticky and durable, it can easily be removed with no sticky residue or cracks on the wall. You may also try molding hooks, if you are renting a condo with molding and create a gallery wall.

condoliving decorate walls without holes open shelf

3 | Paint And Wallpaper

For those who aren’t so keen on mounting on walls or who are fortunate enough to be allowed to paint or put on a wallpaper in a rental condo sans the holes, you can always do so. If you’re in a small unit, opt for more solid but muted paint colors. But you can incorporate wallpapers with exciting patterns, colors, or textures to add more character to your space.

condoliving decorate walls without holes paint wallpaper

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4 | Wire Mesh And Peg Boards

You may also dismiss the whole idea of decorating your rental’s wall altogether and make your own “wall” with either a wire mesh, a peg board, or simple a board. Get a big enough variant of these boards, this will depend on the available space in your rental condo, and have it lean on the wall. When satisfied with how it’s placed by the wall, fill it with decor or memos, or make it your very own mood board!

condoliving decorate walls without holes wire mesh peg board

5 | Open Shelf

A free-standing open shelf is another option to decorate walls without holes. When choosing an open shelving unit, go for those that have an open back or a glass cabinet so the wall can still be seen. Fill the shelf with mementos and other knick knacks.

condoliving decorate walls without holes open shelf

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