Don’t Know What To Do With Used Cooking Oil? Here Are 5 Ways To Dispose Of It!

One of the reasons why your kitchen sink is always clogged is the build up and solidification of the used cooking oil you pour down the drain. If you’re guilty of committing this sinful act, please stop for the sake of your handyman and to save yourself from any hassles—not to mention the environment! There are other and more proper ways to dispose of excess or leftover oil. Here are five ways to do it.

1 | Jar Of Oil

Instead of throwing away the oil every after cooking, collect it in a jar. Make sure, however, that the oil you’re collecting is free of any remnants from your recent cooking. Doing otherwise will hasten the spoilage of the oil.

2 | Reuse Or Recycle

In connection to number 1, the oil you’ve collected can actually be reused if done properly. As mentioned, the oil should be clean from anything that can spoil it, and must be stored in room temperature (not too hot or humid!). It’s safe to reuse the oil up to three or four times. If you don’t want to reuse, you can bring the collected oil to the nearest recycling facility where they can process it into fuel.

3 | Oil Block

If you don’t like to collect liquid, chill the oil until it solidifies—of course minutes after the heat from cooking has cooled down. You wouldn’t want to ruin your fridge, would you? Place the oil in a glass container or a carton (as long as it would not spill) and chill for a few hours. Afterwards, you can throw the container full of solidified oil in the trash.

4 | Feed The Birds And Worms

Some say you can’t put oil in your compost, but you actually can… just in little amounts. Worms love oil, so put a little in your compost heap and it’ll be healthier. As for the birds, you can make what is called “fat balls” with leftover fat, suet or lard. To make one, allow the oil to cool and stuff it with nuts and seeds. Put the ball into old stockings and hang outside, may be on your bird feeder or urban garden.

5 | Wipe ‘Em Out

In cases when you used so little oil that it can easily be rinsed off, grab a paper towel or two and wipe the oil off the pan. Do this, too, when you’re doing numbers 1 to 4 to make sure no oil escapes into the drain.

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