6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Paint And Switch To Wallpaper

Most condo dwellers and interior designers go lengths to enhance living spaces, from tearing down walls to incorporating various of finishes and textures. Furniture items and home accessories can serve as good centerpieces. But sometimes, all it takes to create beautiful interiors is through wallpapers. Browse below to see why wallpaper is a great choice for your condo:

1 | Color Options

Wallpapers come in so many different colors which means they can match whatever the color scheme of your unit is. Should you want to go for a soft and warm look, opt for wallpapers in white, beige, or brown color. You may also separate spaces using varying shades of wallpaper, just be imaginative!

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2 | Style Adaptive

Wallpapers are available in various patterns and styles—making them suitable for any space of any style. Most condo dwellers go for neutral wallpaper colors as they can easily match modern or minimalist styles. But if you’re into eclectic style, choose wallpapers in multifaceted patterns or designs to add depth into your space!

3 | Optical Illusions

Wallpapers not only provide depth and detail in a space. These wall finishes can make units or spaces that look too narrow or too long more balanced or symmetrical. If your unit has low ceilings, wallpapers can help make it look more proportionate as well!

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4 | Durability

Paint can peel off after a year or two, but wallpapers tend to be more durable. Most commercially available wallpapers today have a lifespan of seven to ten years! If you opt for wallpaper, it can save you from repainting or refinishing wall coatings every two years or so.

5 | Easy to clean

Wallpapers are very easy to clean in case of smudges or tiny dirty spots. Unlike paint which can peel off during cleaning, wallpapers can be simply wiped off with soap, warm water, and some gentle sponging.

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6 | Timelessness

The best thing about wallpaper is it never goes out of style. Whatever design trends may follow over the years, wallpapers can easily adapt with its wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. Some designs may go outdated after some time, but condo dwellers can always show off their own characters and personalities through wallpapers.

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