5 Easy Halloween Decorations You Can DIY For Your Spooky Party

Just a few weeks left before Halloween starts! While it’s fun to attend all the crazy Halloween parties across the Metro, it’s sometimes more fun and convenient to host small get-togethers at home with our family and friends instead. This is why we rounded up 5 easy Halloween decors you can do to give your condo that spooky look if you’re hosting a small get-together this Halloween.

1 | Bloody Handprints

Just grab your red washable paint, dip your hands, splash/press your hands on your window or mirror, and voilà! It looks like a bloody murder had just happened inside your condo.

condoliving halloween decor bloody hands
Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

2 | Cotton Covered Decors

One thing we can always find in our homes is a pack of cotton used for varieties of things. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to do last minute party shopping, just grab your cotton and place it on your tables, flower vases, or anything that could look old or creepy.

condoliving halloween decor cotton covered
Photo Courtesy of DIY Enthusiasts

3 | Mummy Mason Jars

Mummy jars are so fun and easy to do. All you need are any transparent jars (even your water glass), tissue, glue, and permanent markers. Put some glue on the jars, wrap the tissue on it, and enjoy drawing creepy faces on them. Don’t forget to place your favorite scented candle inside and enjoy your dark, spooky, fun night!

condoliving halloween decor mummy jar
Photo courtesy of DIY Network

4 | Bloody Candles

If you don’t have any mason jars or any transparent glasses, you can always go for bloody candles with two simple steps. Simply get a white candle, drip a red candle on it and wait for those bloody colors to drip this Halloween.

condoliving halloween decor bloody candle
Photo Courtesy of Better HouseKeeper

5 | Scary Bat Stickers

For this decor, all you need are: black colored paper, scissors, and adhesive tapes. Just fold the black paper in half, draw the half side of the bat and cut it. You can also print out a bat outline and trace it on the black paper if you’re not sure about drawing a bat. You may refer to this YouTube DIY video as well. Put these bat cutouts on your wall with scotch tape or any adhesive tapes that will not do much damage on your wall, especially when you’re renting. 

condoliving halloween decor bat
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

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