Pastel And Accent Colors Make A Jetsetter’s Condo Vibrant!

A happy-go-lucky but go-getter guy, Chris Sio is the type of person who would do anything to enjoy and explore life. Living life to the fullest, his personality is as vibrant as the colors in his living space. He loves to travel, explore new places, try new things, and meet new faces with the conviction that one learns more in life through his interaction with different people.

Before embarking on the condo life, Chris has long wanted to reside in a place where malls, restaurants, gyms, and hospitals are just within reach. Being an accountant for the government, Chris shares how exhausting his work can be at times. Thus, he wanted to have a living space that has a relaxing hotel vibe. To fulfill this wish, he went online and searched for people who can liven up his space and came across interior design enthusiast Michelle Riñosa-Dy.

condoliving eclectic studio condo michelle rinosa dy

“With Mr. Sio, every meeting was like meeting a friend for a coffee. The conversations were really casual as if we’re just sharing what happened during the weekend. This gave me an idea that Chris is a carefree soul. He has such a happy, vibrant personality thus the colors in the living area,” shares Michelle.

Michelle took inspiration from Chris’ lifestyle and interior designer Jonathan Adler for the use of bright colors in the space. Adler’s style is described as “happy chic” by most, it’s a mash of preppy, bright colors, and hints of eclectic. “I still want the unit ti look relaxed as Mr. Sio wanted a hotel-like feel without the expected beiges and browns,” Michelle shares. Pops of color was incorporated in the living room to liven up the space while white backdrops make it seem brighter and more open.

condoliving eclectic studio condo michelle rinosa dy

The oversized artwork on the living room’s wall was painted by Michelle herself. With the mustard sofa and throw pillows of loud prints below, the colors and patterns make a bold and eclectic take on the space. “Most people are afraid to use colored sofas and usually stick with beige, brown, black. But having a yellow sofa is like bringing a bit of sunshine to your home,” Michelle explains. Plants and little lush greens were also incorporated in the parts of the unit to add color to the space and give it a fresh appeal.

condoliving eclectic studio condo michelle rinosa dy

Chris wanted his space to be modern and unique and that’s what Michelle delivered. Hanging by the walls of the whole unit are picture frames with inspiring words and statements. “I think my unit reflects my personality more after it was transformed into a happy and colorful living space. Also, Michelle knew that I love seeing inspiring things that’s why the photos speak words of wisdom, they serve as my daily source of inspiration,” shares Chris.

condoliving eclectic studio condo michelle rinosa dy

This eclectic studio condo lacked space for a storage, a definite problem the homeowner asked Michelle to resolve. To make way for it, Michelle placed a long sideboard cabinet along the living room for the owner’s shoes, clothes, and other belongings. An overhead cabinet was also added for books and other household items. Michelle did the same in the bedroom where she designed a platform for the bed with three large drawers underneath where the owner can keep his clothes and other personal belongings.

condoliving eclectic studio condo michelle rinosa dy

“Since Chris is always positive and never fails to bring joy to everyone, I want the people who come over in his unit to feel the same way,” Michelle shares. With its very warm and inviting vibe, any of the owner’s family or friends would surely be delighted to visit and stay at his place. This well-decorated eclectic studio condo can capture anyone’s eyes through its vibrant and splendid color picks.

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s March 2017 issue. Edits were made for

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