Jazz Up Boring Gift Wrappers With These 7 Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, and that means less days to wrap all the gifts you’ll be giving. Some might opt for free gift-wrapping services at department stores, but we say it’s best to D-I-Y. We have nothing against department-store-wrapped gifts, but don’t you think it’s more special to give a present with more effort and thought put into it? We’ve listed down seven creative and easy gift-wrapping ideas that you can try at home on your own.

1 | It’s A Tie

Ribbons, twine, leather, or clippings—whichever you’re using to tie your presents, it adds a lot more to an otherwise plain gift-wrapping paper. Twine and leather add a natural texture to the gift wrap, while ribbons and clippings boost the plainness of the paper with patterns and volume. You can even layer them up to create a more interesting feature. Aside from these four, you can also use strings with stars or any festive details.


2 | Au Naturale

Like your condo, greenery can easily jazz up a boring gift wrapper. Hints from nature like pine cones and needles, tiny branches from shrubs from your parents’ garden or your urban garden, and even flowers like roses or daisies can be used. Apart from making your gifts more exciting, these touches of organic beauty are also environment-friendly.


3 | Cloth The Wrapper

Don’t limit yourself by using only wrapping paper or craft paper; take inspiration from the Japanese cloth-wrapping. This is one unique gift-wrapping idea that is not only creative but straight-up personalized. You may use colorful and silky scarves, plain linens, and even cutouts from old denim.


4 | Take A Picture

If you’re using craft paper or simply a plain wrapping paper, draw or print a picture. Print a photograph of you, the person receiving the present, a place or thing you both hold dear, or anything holiday-related. Or draw on the wrapping paper if you’re getting the feel of being creative. This doesn’t just make the wrap personalized, but also makes it a lot more interesting and even nostalgic. For those who don’t have the time to print or draw, you can use postcards or cut out existing pictures.


5 | Stick With Me

Another way to add color or images into a plain wrapper is to put on stickers, washi or decorative tapes, and even old post stamps! You can stick to one design or mix and match different patterns of the washi tapes or vintage stamps (the old stamps can be a bonus gift if the receiver is a stamp collector!).


6 | In Stitches

If you’re wrapping your presents with fabric, try this: stitch or embroider on them (or fake it by sticking the embroidery with hot glue or super glue). Adding tiny details like embroidered small dots or stitched edges gives an impression that you actually thought a lot about your gift. You can also stitch paper, if you don’t have fabric available.


7 | Scent In

Everything still boring for you? Why not add something that would tickle the receiver’s nose? Top your present with any of these three Cs: cinnamon sticks, cookies, and candy cane. The scent from these three will instantly draw the receiver’s attention (and forget about your simple gift-wrapping).


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