Happy Room PH: From Shopper to Instagram Cult Favorite Home Supplier

We at CondoLiving have been gushing over this particular home store online, and have been curious about how they took the online community by storm. Even Heart Evangelista-Escudero has their products! This online store of classy, luxurious—and reasonably-priced!—home pieces, started from a happy story of how a home and decor shopper turned into a proud owner of Happy Room PH.

Here’s how the happy story goes:

Back when the owner was still working in the corporate world, her go-to activity at the end of each grueling work day was to stop by the home section of malls or any home essentials store. “It refreshes me knowing that I can go home and deck our house with lovely pieces, even if it’s just with new place-mats or shower curtain,” she shares in an email interview. However, as she shopped for home essentials, she noticed that the items from these shops she frequent to are generic in style, not to mention hard to choose from because there’s just too many options. Plus, based on her experience, specialty stores have steeper price points.

“With these pain points, I thought of marrying the two by offering cherry-picked items at a reachable price and targeting people who find joy in seeing beautiful things. After all, I believe that everyone has that ‘domestic self’ within!” she shares.

She then turned her after-work hobby and observations into one of the most well-loved home stores on Instagram—Happy Room PH. In case you haven’t been following them on Instagram (you’ve been missing out on a lot!), Happy Room PH is known for bringing topnotch home experience to every family with a series of well-curated and worthwhile pieces reminiscent of a luxury hotel or restaurant experience at a reachable cost.

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“Happy memories of my room growing up flashed through my mind when I was thinking of a name for the store. It was decked with all things lovely, from DIY stuff that my sister and I randomly did to all sorts of nice bedding that our mom would adorn our beds. When our friends come over, we hang in our room and my mom would serve us homemade cakes and pastries. It was such a happy feeling every time! Thus the name, Happy Room,” the owner dishes out how she came up with the store’s cheerful moniker.

The online home store has collections of bar tools, from drinking glasses to a barista set; beddings that come in luxe and regular sets, and throw pillow cases; mugs, cutlery sets, coasters, and napkin rings; and floor mats! All their items are made of high grade materials and totally stylish without sacrificing functionality. Even celebrities and high-profile personalities are loving their items, including Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Pauleen Luna-Sotto, and Patty Laurel-Filart.

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“Happy Room PH believes that the ultimate self-expression is through our home. Inviting friends and family at home is like inviting them to know us, and we want it to be beautiful. Our aim is not just to provide nice things, but to be able to help the host create wonderful experience in their home with their loved ones,” explains the owner.

“We believe that home experience is equally fun and memorable just as dining in a fancy restaurant or packing our bags and traveling the world—it’s a matter of creating a lovely home!” she adds.

She shares that she and her team think of themselves as their store’s first customers. That way, they can easily relate to all the other homes they are catering to. She also mentions that they continuously improve their products and services by building a strong collaboration among their clients, and business and media partners.

“We don’t stop at selling, rather, it’s the start of our service to our clients. We address their pain points by listening intently to them—their own needs, their constructive criticisms or complaints, and their suggestions. From there, we seriously take actions to address these areas,” the Happy Room PH owner explains.

Happy Room PH items’ prices range from Php350 to Php5,000 from coasters to bedding sets. Check out their collections on their website happyroomph.com.

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