Don’t Have A Headboard? Here Are 5 Headboard Hacks To Try!

There are times when the bed frame that we want so much does not go with a headboard, #sad. But sometimes, heardboard-less bed frames make way for us to get creative and explore every possibility of a potential headboard. Here are the headboard hacks we learned from our featured condos that you can definitely try at your own place!

1 | Full Length

Against one wall of your sleeping area, you can install one full-length headboard for your bed frame. This allows you to move around your bed without actually moving your headboard with it. Getting a bigger size bed from your single bed will not even be a problem with this kind of headboard since it’s long enough.

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2| Floor-To-Ceiling

Of course, if there’s a full-length headboard hack, there’s a full-height, too! This headboard makes use of your condo’s handsome height, and allows you to create extra shelving unit in your sleeping area. If you don’t have enough space for a bedside table, you can carve out a space in this floor-to-ceiling headboard to make one.

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3 | Hang On The Wall

Another headboard hack to try is hanging it on the wall like it’s an accent piece. Hang the headboard you want on-level with your existing bed frame. Make a good amount of allowance on either side of your bed frame in case you decide on getting a bigger bed. Allowing it to extend beyond your bed frame makes an interesting take on headboards.

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4 | Literally A Storage

For tiny units where storage and every square-centimeter counts, you can transform half of your sleeping area’s storage system into something like a headboard. Like in this compact condo, where the stylist opted to make the lower half of the storage warmer in color and style.

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5 | Back To Back

Another way to hack your headboard is by making one from the back of your sofa. This headboard hack instantly gives you one, a headboard, and two, a room divider. If you own a very compact condo, this would be a great solution to creating separate living spaces without actually putting up dividers.

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