Look Inside A Young Family of Three’s 38-sqm Hip Scandinavian Condo

Living in the suburbs or in the province while working in the metro has its ups and downs. Its ups, having a more peaceful and less polluted place to live in; and its downs, having to travel for two or more hours just to get to work or back home. The young family now living in this 38.54-sqm hip Scandinavian condo in McKinley used to live like this.

The man of the house used to go to work at eight in the morning until eight in the evening and would travel back to his province every weekend to be with his wife and toddler. The lady of the house shares that although their family once had a condo unit, it was too far from her husband’s office. But thanks to the husband’s generous employer’s free accommodation program for her corporate secretaries, the young family is now only 30 to 45 minutes away from the husband’s workplace.

hip scandinavian condo young family living space

Before the young family moved in, the man of the house’s employer had the unit completed and made functional in order for them to move in right away. So, she commissioned Model Space Builders, headed by architect Aimee Gandia.

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We want the unit to stand out from the rest of the building’s interior. The building was designed to have this classical luxe interiors but it’s too aged looking. We want the unit’s interior to be fresh and a reflection of the company’s character, young but professional,” Aimee describes the over all look of the unit. She calls the unit’s design style, “Hip Scandinavian,” a combination of modern geometrics and Nordic elements.

hip scandinavian condo young family living space

For this former studio-type unit, the team retained the floor tiles, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobe, which were all in the same wood shade. The team used that wood shade as the base color of the finishes and furnishings in the young family’s condo. Aimee adds, “To make the almost yellowish vibe neutral, we opted for more white and gray walls, and simpler finishes.” Corners are rounded as well, to make the space more child-friendly for the toddler.

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In the living area, the team placed an L-type sofa, which according to Aimee came as a surprise. “We were supposed to add just an ordinary linear sofa but when we saw this one and it fits perfectly for the space. It made the living room feel more spacious,” shares Aimee. The team also added wooden plant boxes with faux plants to add life.

The geometric patterns on the accent wall also added youth to the unit. Aimee furthers, “To add depth to your white walls while not being too loud, use patterned panels. It’s not only dynamic, it also gives texture instead of plain walls.”

hip scandinavian condo young family work space

But Aimee’s team didn’t stop in just getting the furniture pieces fit and the walls dynamic. They also made sure that there is enough storage space for the growing family. Shelves and cabinets are incorporated throughout the unit from the entryway, the living space, kitchen, to the bedroom. No space is left under-utilized.

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Moreover, given that the unit is more spacious than the standard ones, the design team added a semi-transparent partition of drywall and glass to create a bedroom that fits a king-sized bed. “The king-sized bed was to fit the small family so we wouldn’t need to add a sofa bed at the living room. Sofa beds are really hard to pair with especially if you are opting for a specific look,” shares Aimee.

hip scandinavian condo young family bedroom

hip scandinavian condo young family bedroom

Meanwhile, lighting fixtures both in the living area and the bedroom were from Crate and Create, Model Space Builders‘ sister company. The furniture pieces, like the bed, are from Furniture Republic, while the decors in the living room are from Landmark.

Seeing how the unit turned out, the man of the house’s boss didn’t just give him and his family a halfway home in the city, but also a reason to go to work with inspiration and energy.

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