Have Your Pets A Merry Little Christmas—Chuck Out These Decor Now!

It’s always fun to dress up a space, especially for the holidays. There is a wide array of styles we can play with, and lots of resources for design inspiration. Plus, there’s always something new to try every season. However, there are things we always have to consider, such as the building admin’s strict rules, or your landlord’s dos and don’ts if you’re a renter. On top of it all is safety, not only for you and your neighbors, but also for your pets. To keep your space and your pets merry for the holidays, it is best to avoid these:

1 | Glass And Glitter

Cats and dogs are easily tempted to play with anything that shines or sparkles. However, anything that has sheen, that glitters, and can break can put your pets in danger. Since glass and ceramics are fragile, it’s best to place them on elevated surfaces like the top of a cabinet or tall tables. Glittery ornaments are more attractive to your pets, so keep them at a minimum or stay away from them completely. Otherwise, these decor items will only injure your pets or worse, choke them. Tinsel for one, can cause blockage to your pets’ digestive system.


2 | Lovely But Deadly

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettia—these plants are toxic for your pets, no matter how pretty they look in your condo. The first two are poisonous, which can cause massive drop in blood pressure, breathing problems, and hallucinations. Poinsettia can upset your pets’ stomach, cause nausea and vomiting. If you’re decking your condo with these plants, it’s best to hang them high and away from the areas your pets usually hang out. Roses, orchids, silk plants, and Christmas cacti are highly pet-friendly alternatives.

3 | Lights, Menorah, And Candles

Christmas lights can also harm your pets if left disorderly and plugged for days. Aside from it potentially tangling or strangling your pets when played with, your furry pals may ingest the small bulbs and lead to serious health risks for them. Electrocution is another possibility you don’t want to happen, so keep all cords out of the way and unplug when necessary. Menorah, for those who celebrate Hanukkah, should also be kept at a high place, out of reach of pets to avoid burns and fire breaking out in your condo. Same goes with regular candles. Battery operated candles offer the same romantic flicker of regular candles without the fire hazards.


4 | Wobbly Trees

Pets, especially cats who love to climb and scratch things, would see Christmas trees as an inviting new toy. If you’re having a tree in your condo, get one that’s sturdy and with steady legs or support at the bottom. If your tree doesn’t have a strong foundation, we suggest you keep it in place by using nearly-invisible guide wires attached to the wall, or use a durable stand to keep it upright. Artificial trees are also great so there won’t be any pine needle fallouts which could harm your pets when ingested. Also, you are doing yourself a big favor as these pine needles are such a hassle to clean up.

5 | Edible Ornaments

Anything that is fine to eat is tempting, even for humans. So, if you’re hanging edible ornaments on your Christmas tree or your windows, make sure you put them high up supported by sturdy wires or ties. As for those that adorn your center table, protect your pets from ingesting them by putting them inside transparent containers with air-tight lid. For less worries with the same design impact, opt for artificial food-inspired ornaments that are more pet-friendly holiday décor.


6 | Long Tablecloths And Runners

Aside from trees and sparkly things, tablecloths and runners are easy plaything materials for your pets. We highly suggest that you go for shorter tablecloths and runners to avoid getting your holiday tablescape ruined just because Tiny, your yellow labrador decided to pull the runner from the table edge. If you want to add a Christmas vibe to your setting, decorative place mats and chargers provide great options.

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