No Gift Idea Yet? Here Are Our Picks For All The People On Your List!

It’s two weeks ’til Christmas yet, there still are people getting frustrated about what presents to give their loved ones for the holidays—others grumbling about the number of their godchildren waiting for their presents. Fret no more; we’ve heard you!

We got you 60 gift ideas for every person in your list, whether it’s someone who already has everything, someone who has a penchant for design, or someone who spends money wisely.

To Someone Who Has Everything



The secret to finding the perfect gift for someone who has everything is familiarizing yourself about their lifestyle and personality. The items we’ve picked for you are derivatives of these two points. Considering the recipients have always been working hard to reach their goals, we picked items that relate to comfort and R&R. Pamper them with food and beverage; self care items like personalized shampoo and wellness or spa services. We’ve also included entertaining items for the great hosts and hostesses you know.


To The Design Enthusiast



Surely, you already have a general idea on what to give your loved ones who are passionate about design. Whether they’re into fine arts, interior design, music, or crafting, you have a lot of options for your present. The challenge you might face, however, is deciding which one to choose. Our picks for the design enthusiasts range from design sourcebooks, crafts workshops, home or art studio decors, and organizers for their design materials.


condoliving holiday gift guide 2018 design entusiast

 To The Budget-Conscious



We’ve created this list for your family and friends who are particular about spending—not because you’re trying really hard to stay in budget, nope. Teasing aside, this list caters to those who are budget-conscious but are still on the look out for creative and quality presents. The items in this list encourage the receivers to be conscious or mindful of the things they do, make use of, and spend, ranging from planners and stylish organizers, home accessories, urban gardening, as well as grooming.


condoliving holiday gift guide 2018 budget friendly

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