This 36sqm Contemporary Condo Is The Owner’s Personal Hotel Suite

Upon entry to this 36sqm bachelor’s pad in Quezon City, our team was instantly transported into a five-star hotel setting. The luxurious finish and hotel feel of the space, according to interior designer Aline Bautista of Interpretari Intimate Interiors, are heavily influenced by the lifestyle of the owner who flies in and out of the country for his corporate work. The designer shares that the owner has become accustomed to staying in five-star hotels across the globe that he wanted to have his own in his hometown.

The owner, a bachelor in his 40s, purchased the unit as his own hotel suite where he can work or simply relax and getaway from other things. However, aside from the hotel-at-home feel that he asked for, he also wants the design team to surprise him with how the condo would actually be. Aline’s team did just that and then some.

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

From the original layout of the bare unit that the owner purchased—with a compact kitchen, a small living area, and one bedroom—the interior designer and her team tore down one wall and segregated the space into two: the bedroom suite and the kitchen.

The contemporary condo’s high-ceiling kitchen is pristine with a predominantly white palette with marble and stainless steel details. The rest of the unit follows the same neutral palette, warmed up by the homey lighting design. The area, although small, is packed with storage spaces. There is also a full cabinet next to the main door for more storage space.

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

A double pocket sliding door leads to the bedroom suite with a low-height ceiling to create a more intimate space. Aline says that her design team didn’t want to make the unit cold and aloof, so they lowered the original height of the ceiling and installed mood lighting. The bedroom is a multi-use area where the owner can entertain guests, work on his presentations, and relax and sleep. By the entrance to the bedroom, a full-height shelf attached to the wall holds books and trinkets highlighted by the recessed lighting.

Next to the shelf is a cushioned seating that allows the owner to have guests over or to lounge by the window. Underneath the cushion seating is a pull-out storage attached to the wall and the rest of the storage unit opposite the bed. A column in the middle holds the television, one hidden storage on its right face, and an open shelf on the left. Towards the other end of the wall opposite the bed is the owner’s work station adjacent to the wardrobe.

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

Notice that the storage units are lined along the perimeter of the whole unit, even in the kitchen, subtly highlighting the main features of the condo. “The unit’s design is streamlined, but there still are geometric shapes and patterns, but none of those take the spotlight,” Aline points out.

“I’m also inspired with a little bit of Art Deco. So, there is a silent influence of Art Deco in this space, although not in the foreground. Nonetheless you can see it by the colors used with the rounded edges and the shape of the bed that are typical of the modern Art Deco period. But the space is still streamlined and put-together, that not one would grab too much attention,” Aline explains further.

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

In the bedroom suite, the standard queen bed anchors the space with its green-and-gray color scheme that stands out against the achromatic palette. The artwork hanging above the headboard with cushioned panels mirrors the bed’s green. “I had to pick something that is still on the contemporary side, but not upfront showing the influences,” starts Aline when asked about choosing the colors for the condo.

She adds, “Of course, it had to be approved by the client. As you know, it’s hard to find somebody who appreciates green; but since the owner is always out, I had no trouble proposing this color scheme. He actually fell in love with it.”

condoliving hotel luxe bachelor pad

On either ends of the headboard are mounted lamps, below which are small bedside tables echoing the soft rounded edges of the headboard panels. Aline shares that they designed all the storage units to be soft and quiet.

The room itself is serene with the walls and wallpapers muffling any noise from the bustling city or the neighboring condo units. The designer shares that the owner even tells her that whenever he stays in the condo, he actually forgets he is in an urban environment. “What he asked the unit to be, he can really use it for that,” Aline concludes.

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