It’s Official! Philippines Will Have IKEA’s Largest Store In The World!

How design got personal for IKEA? It was a classic case of necessity is the mother of all invention. As space availability has always been an issue in different segments such as business, real estate, and design to name a few, any means to conserve it or optimize its use will surely be welcomed with opened arms. In 1956, Designer Gillis Lundgren, one of IKEA’s earliest designers, thought of screwing off the legs on a table, the groundbreaking Lövet Table, after a catalog photoshoot. More than half a century later, the legacy of Lundgren lives on. It was a requirement for contemporary IKEA designers to move way past the aesthetics—if it cannot be flattened, then it probably won’t work.

condoliving ikea philippines

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This revolutionary way of packaging the items offered a new retail experience. IKEA’s brand of democratic design, a vow made by its founder Ingvar Kamprad, undeniably catapulted the company to become the most successful furniture brand in the world. And as cliché may have it, the rest as they is history. For IKEA however, the history meant a treasure trove of well-thought out concepts that translated the brand into a multibillion dollar enterprise.

After a lot of buzz coming from all corners of the home design world, the uncertainty is over. IKEA announced its plans to open its largest store in the world right in the heart of the SM MOA Complex.

condoliving ikea philippines

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The venture is set to occupy 65,000sqm—the area between SMX and MOA Arena. IKEA Southeast Asia disclosed that it is making an initial investment of Php7 billion for opening the Philippine store. It will be the home of more than 9000 well-designed furniture and furnishings. IKEA Philippines will be similar to the other IKEA stores but the building will also house a contact center and a huge warehouse to accommodate e-commerce operations. It will also house a restaurant that will serve the world-famous IKEA Meatballs.

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