See How This 65-Sqm Unit Captures The Rawness Of The Industrial Style

Long before he purchased his first condo unit, owner Mig Molina has already pictured out the kind of space he wanted to achieve—a laid-back living space that would exude the rawness of industrial style. This two-bedroom unit in Taguig is his first biggest investment to date.

The purchase of the unit followed after he moved out of his parents’ house. Mig is at the point of moving forward with his life and purchasing this 65-sqm unit is a first step towards it.industrial style; industrial condoMig collaborated with interior designers Ais Simbulan and Judith Ochengco of Oasis Interiors to achieve his dream look for his industrial pad. “Our design firm is named Oasis Interiors because we aim to build homes for our clients which will be their own oasis. Instead of clients going out to find their oasis, they’d rather be at home,” shares the design duo.

The owner initially wanted his living space to look like the rustic industrial coffee shops in the metro today. But as the unit is a personal living space, the designers toned down the use of industrial finishes and materials.

“It’s going to be his home so we wanted it to be really relaxing. We had to balance it with smooth surfaces and textures and played with a lot of natural materials to still make it homey,” Oasis Interiors explains.

industrial style; industrial condoEdgy furniture pieces in wood and matte metal are showcased in the living room. Oasis Interiors added lots of greeneries in the unit to contrast its heavy textures primarily its brick wall. “We put plants in certain areas to soften the space since it’s too heavily textured,” says Oasis Interiors.

Mig loves to cook and hosting parties over. One thing he specifically requested for was a full kitchen. “He was very particular with the kitchen. He knows that he needs a bar area, a counter space, and a full range,” the designers explain. The designers used black matte backsplash tiles for the kitchen. The design duo installed raw light bulbs above the bar counter to match the industrial style Mig wanted.

industrial style; industrial condo

Away from the entertaining areas of the unit is Mig’s personal oasis: his bedroom. He requested for a cooler color scheme to balance with the warm palette of the living area. “The client wanted to tone down the colors in the bedroom since it’s already too rough and warm in the living room. He also mentioned to conceal the bedroom window with curtains to block out the sunlight,” shares Judith.

The condo’s size is perfect for the client’s lifestyle, he could host parties and small gatherings with his friends. “It’s just a matter of giving your client what he wants and at the same time what you think would be the best for your client,” says Oasis Interiors. Thanks to the skills of the design duo, Mig can now enjoy Sunday slowdowns and dinner parties inside this raw, industrial pad.

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