This Bachelor’s Pad Is The Perfect Space For Every Homebody!

He’s a straight-up homebody. He likes music, and he just likes to chill inside. As much as possible, if he can sleep during the weekends, ‘yon lang ang gagawin niya and not go out at all,” architect and interior designer Angelica Fua describes her bachelor cousin. Her cousin, who has been working with a telecommunications company for two decades, asked her to design his unit in BGC to serve as his halfway home. The result, an industrial-contemporary bachelor’s pad.

The original layout of the unit was straightforward according to Angelica. It was all bare and open, with a pocket-sized kitchen, a spacious bathroom, and one bedroom. “My cousin got lucky with this unit. It doesn’t look like the typical 34-sqm one-bedroom unit. It’s deceiving,” Angelica laughs. “I own a unit with the same area, but it doesn’t look as big as this,” she adds.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad living area

Angelica shares that her cousin likes to keep his space simple, straightforward, and gender-neutral, but with hints of the hardness of industrial design style. So she kept the walls neutral with minimal additions like mirrors and built-in storage units.

“The unit’s style is a simple interpretation of industrial-contemporary. I didn’t do anything much on the space since I want the mirrors and the built-in units speak for themselves, and stand alone regardless if my cousin adds his personal items,” she explains.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad dining area

Angelica kept the original plan of the unit, even the tile flooring. However, she did major renovations in the kitchen-dining and the bathroom. The designer repainted the kitchen cabinets from wood to gray to match the chosen design style, while the laminate countertop was replaced with stone so it’s easier to maintain. She used beveled subway tiles as backsplash to add texture and dimension to the modest kitchen.

Given that the kitchen-dining area used to be narrow and lacking in counter space, she placed a dining table that also acts as an island or extra counter space. Overhead are pendant lamps that create a visual separation of the kitchen-dining and the living area. Angelica adds, “We also put a storage unit by the dining area that acts as a foyer-slash-bar counter, so when he enters the unit he can drop off his keys or bag somewhere. We then added a mirror beside it so he can check himself before he leaves. To the right of the mirror was a storage unit for all the cleaning materials, like the mop, the broom, the fire extinguisher—those you don’t really want people to see.”

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad living area

As for the living area, Angelica opted for more grays and basic prints to keep the tone gender-neutral and subdued. Soft finishes like wood balance the hardness of the stone finishes. The designer also had the entertainment wall painted with sage green to offset the monotony of the grays and to compensate for the much-needed greenery that the outside view cannot provide.

Angelica also hung a large photograph above the sofa to showcase her cousin’s penchant for photography, and to mimic the mirror feature in the bedroom. In one corner is where the unit owner’s musical instruments are stocked.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad bedroom

Warmth is introduced in the bedroom as it’s where the owner would be resting mostly, with more tan colors and soft details. Angelica placed the bed in the center, framed by the desk space to its left and the closet to its right. At the head is a custom headboard made of faux leather with built-in side shelf that acts as the side table. Above the bed is a mirror treatment that gives the space an amplified area, and reflects the light from the window by the workspace. Mounted on the mirror is a balanced arm lamp that serve as both a desk lamp and a bedside lamp.

According to Angelica, the workspace was supposed to be placed in the living area, but the owner requested to have it in the bedroom to make way for future plans in the living area. As for the closet space, there was none when the unit was delivered, so her team had to put a full-height closet to accommodate the owner’s belongings.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad workspace

While there wasn’t much renovation in the living and sleeping area, Angelica shares that the bathroom had the most remodelling. She says the bathroom was really spacious, with the shower taking half of the bathroom, so she thought of converting a portion of it into a laundry area.

Both the shower and laundry area sport the same beveled subway tiles as the kitchen, only in a light color. The laundry area fits a washer-dryer combo with enough storage and counter space for clothes and other laundry and bathroom essentials. Meanwhile, the floor is in concrete finish, like that of the storage unit in the living area and the kitchen cabinets.

condoliving contemporary bachelor's pad laundry area

Best part with this project was the client mismo. There weren’t any major changes from the proposal, it was only the desk space that was changed. ‘Yon lang ‘yong comment niya. So ako, ‘Dream client!'” Angelica laughs. She concludes, “My cousin is a breeze to work with. He is very decisive. So if you propose something, he will tell you right away if it works for him or not. It helps if a client is like that. As a designer, you really want them to be really happy with the space.”

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