Inside a Colorful Condo Owned by a Local #GirlBoss

Kakki Teodoro is a TV Host, theater actress, and more commonly known as the founder of Diet Diva, a diet delivery service. The #GirlBoss asked Nestt Design Studio, composed of Tet Paras and Trency Caga-anan, to design her colorful condo.

Kakki shares that she tried to decorate the space on her own but never quite got what she truly wanted. Knowing Tet from theatre, Kakki called her in after hearing that Tet was transitioning to interior design as a career. “This is our first project as Nestt Design Studio,” shares Tet.

With a bright and cheery personality, having color in her space was not a question. The unit is anchored on white walls with a lot of colors and patterns infused through the furniture and accessories.


Upon entry, the first area that greets you is the dining area which has hidden compartments in the walls and the bench seats. A burst color comes from the two yellow dining chairs which match the yellow pillows.


Nestt Design Studio’s designers stayed overnight just to hand-paint Kakki’s living room wall. On one side is a custom cabinet slash divider by Nestt Design Studio that separates the living and the dining area.


Across the couch, a mini study area is installed by the designers. The client shares that she doesn’t like having a TV in her unit and only fills it with books and her laptop.


Kakki shares that she is always relaxed in the bedroom. The designers added a nook with some added storage by the bedroom window.