Check Out This Cool Japanese-Inspired Bar & Cafe In Poblacion!

OTO Bar & Cafe is one of the newcomers in the neighborhood of Poblacion, Makati. A year after it opened, the bar has already paved a name for itself because of its unique concept. It’s a cozy hangout spot where customers can destress over coffee or liquor with an ambient music in the background.

OTO is a deviation against the wave of loud music and noisy acoustics in bars around the metro today. A group of seven friends who went to Xavier started this new bar and cafe. From thereon, OTO Bar & Cafe opened its doors to public in January last year.

OTO Makati

This newest concept cafe in Poblacion is inspired by the booming audio cafes around the world, specifically Japan. “Oto” is a Japanese word which means “sound” as the bar aims for customers to enjoy their coffee or booze and just lose themselves in the quality and diverse music they play.

“We all wanted a place where you could just sit down, listen to music and hangout, without the pressure inside a bar. Bars are usually very dim-lit and intimidating, so we wanted a place that’s a lot friendlier and more open. OTO is a bar and cafe where you could just sit down and relax if you want to,” shares Mikey Ang, one of the co-owners.

OTO Makati
OTO Gyoza (250)

OTO’s cuisine is mostly inspired by Japanese style with a little bit of French techniques. Try out their OTO Gyoza (250), a unique take on Japanese dumpling with sisig as stuffing inside! If you’re up for a hearty meal, try Chicken And Waffles (P620) with salad on the side.

OTO Makati
Chicken And Waffles (P620)

Repeating stripe patterns fill the entire insides of OTO. As the concept takes cue from the rich culture of Japan, its interiors lean towards Japanese design style as well. Matching the stripe patterns of the walls and floors are ceiling with wood planks—that doubles as soundproof panels. “We started from a functional perspective. The more the surface area, the more it absorbs sound,” explains Mikey. Design firm Jagnus Design Studio crafted its cool architecture.

OTO Makati

“The interiors have also been acoustically treated with rockwool and diffusers to help improve the acoustics of the space,” says sound engineer AA Enriquez.

Just beside the bar is an audio vinyl setup that houses unique vinyl collections of the team from around the globe. “We all like different types of music. Our collections are from different genres too,” explains Mikey. From African folk to indie rock, jazz, neoclassical, classic rock, or experimental music, name it and OTO will have it.

OTO Makati

Visit OTO at 5880 Enriquez Street, Poblacion, Makati City open from 10am to 2am. Like and follow them on Facebook or Instagram

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