Update Your Kitchen With These 7 Statement Backsplash Ideas

When it comes to the kitchen, we’ve noticed that condo dwellers like to keep it minimal and straightforward. We understand that there isn’t much that can be done in compact and small spaces, but the kitchen can always have an upgrade, even with one simple feature like the backsplash. Here are 7 statement kitchen backsplash ideas to inspire you.

1 | Patchwork

Instead of sticking to one design for the backsplash, experiment with colors, finishes, or patterns. It’s a great excuse for indecisive people to use as many tile style as you want. However, if you’re worried you’ll mess up, it’s safe to start with a minimal patchwork kitchen backsplash. Machuca tiles make for great materials to play with in this backsplash layout.


2 | Terrazzo

Another fun way to update your kitchen is with a terrazzo-finish backsplash. This chic material used to be for floorings and walls, but the modern use now includes countertops. The matrix and aggregates of terrazzo can make a myriad of colorful and exciting mixes, so your kitchen will never go boring.


3 | Metallic

For a dramatic kitchen backsplash, you may opt for a metallic finish. Although cooking isn’t always (or never) glamorous, that doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t be glitzy. Remember to not go over-the-top, though, because it can easily go from classy to tacky.


4 | Wood (Not)

Natural wood can be a good choice to deviate from the usual tile backsplash, and to achieve a rustic kitchen look. However, it’s not practical for people who are always on-the-go and rarely have time to do the cleaning. Here’s an alternative: wood tile backsplash, which gives an almost natural wood look but easier to maintain.


5 | Graphic

Against a pristine white kitchen wall, splash exciting color and graphic patterns. You can go for a classic geometric motif or an eclectic pattern that arrests everyone’s attention. You can even go full-height with a graphic backsplash to highlight a focal point in the kitchen.


6 | 3D Effect

Give your regular subway tile layout an oopmh by using a more tactile material. Use beveled ones or these midcentury modern Heath oval tiles laid out in this kitchen. Go extra by using a bold color against a neutral background or, mix and match colors and finishes.


7 | Puzzle

Complete your kitchen’s classic look with an interesting backsplash tile shape. Whether it’s a white-on-white combination or a mix of different colors, a cool tile cut makes a curious visual appeal.


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