Candle-Lover? Here Are 3 Local Candle Makers You Need To Know!

We’ve been writing about candles and how you can use it at home, from literally a source of light to shooing away bad odor. We’ve also enlightened you on choosing the best candle. So now, we’re sharing with you three candle makers we’ve fallen in love with, and a little bit of what fires their passion in candle making.

1 | Saan Saan

Priced at P500-P700, depending on the scent, Saan Saan offers pure-soy scented candles in amber glass jars. Their scent line is inspired by wander and travel. Baler Coast, Patchouli at the Temple, and Baker St. of Poblacion are only a few of the scents to watch out for.

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Hear from the owner, Mark Zavalla: “I differentiate myself from other candle makers by making travel-inspired soy candles, with scents that evoke a sense of place.”

2 | AGLOW Candle Studio

Established in November 2017, Aglow Candle Studio started as a side hustle for born-crafter and candle-lover Jasmaine Malayang. At P200-P250, you can get candles inspired by classic floral fragrances. Choose from Vanilla Dream, Espresso, and even Hanami!

Hear from the owner, Jasmaine Malayang: “Each candle is a labor of love made affordable for every minimalist sophisticate.”

3 | Psyche Candles

Psyche Ramirez started in the candle business after being burned out in her corporate job. She turned to scented candles to help her lessen her anxiety but since soy candles were expensive, she sought to make her own. A little below P500 per 10 ounces, Psyche Candles are organic and all about winding down.

Hear from the owner, Psyche Ramirez: “The main reason why I make these candles is because of the benefits we get from the organic materials that were used in making these candles.”


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