This Expat’s Penthouse Unit is A Bali-Inspired Getaway

The beauty of the Philippines has captured the eyes and hearts of many foreigners from around the globe. Many expatriates are assigned to work for a brief time in the Philippines, while some visit for a taste of our culture and catch a glimpse of our scenic beaches. But there are others, those who have fallen in love with our part of the world, have migrated in for good. One of them is German businessman Helmut Sima who moved to the Philippines 11 years ago. He resides in this Asian-inspired condo in Makati.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo living area

“I decided to live in the Philippines because of the people here. I am very happy to live here and I will continue living here. I see Philippines as my home. If I didn’t love Philippines I wouldn’t have bought this unit,” says the condo dweller.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo living area details

Upon entry, one thing noticeable of the unit is its openness. Securing a corner unit, two sides of the space is two-floors of glass with a stunning 180 degree view of Manila. Helmut sees planes landing and taking off on one side while he sees the Manila pier on the other. “Placing curtains is useless, why would I? Whatever I put in the windows will cover the view,” he adds.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo kitchen

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo kitchen

Helmut did have some ideas on how he wanted the space but actualizing them on his own would be, according to him, “lunatic”. Luckily, Isabel Antonio and her team previously designed one of Helmut’s condo units in Pico De Loro, so he called her again to design this loft. Isabel is the contractor and manufacturer of AQM Interior Design Services.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo mezzanine

To avoid the high ceiling from looking empty, a large lighting fixtures sourced from Thailand were hung. A main piece in the condo is large orange sectional sofa. By the dining area is a large cylindrical drum instrument from Mindanao, Helmut describes this as his tribute to the Philippines

The second floor hallway serves as Helmut’s mini gallery. At the end is a working pinball machine, one of the client’s many interesting collectibles

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo work space

The whole loft is driven by teak wood furniture that came from Indonesia. All the doors in the unit are made from narba wood from Malaysia, which Isabel painted over for a Kamagong look.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo bedroom

The Helmut’s bed is made from aged teak wood that is about 50,000 years old. All of the furniture’s sizes and proportions are exactly created to the owner’s specifications.

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo bedroom

condoliving bali inspired penthouse condo bath room

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