Give Your Condo A Luxurious Scent With Louis Vuitton Scented Candles

Relaxing at home wouldn’t be complete without the final touch everyone does: lighting our favorite scented candles. Now, you can give your home that luxury smell with the new Louis Vuitton scented or perfumed candles especially crafted by the expert behind the brand’s first men’s fragrance, master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Give Your Home a Luxury Scent with These Louis Vuitton Scented Candles

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True to his vision, Belletrud followed up Louis Vuitton’s first fragrance campaign with four scents that draw inspiration from nature: the L’Air du Jardin, a springy, floral-inspired fragrance that evokes a rosebud scent; Île Blanche, an island-inspired scent that gives off a warm and fresh smell; Feuilles d’Or that rouses the senses like that of a walk through the woods; and Dehors Il Neige in a crackling fireplace scent perfect for chilly nights. Give Your Home a Luxury Scent with These Louis Vuitton Scented Candles

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The candle wicks come in bright colors (we see R-Y-G-B of the rainbow), giving a pop to an otherwise minimal and pristine white ceramic pots designed by industrial designer Marc Newson, who also designed the Les Parfum Louis Vuitton bottles. LV’s hand-sewn natural leather is attached to the ceramic with metal studs, mimicking a handbag silhouette. The candles also come with gold-finish lids that double as coasters.

The candles will be available starting November 5 at selected Louis Vuitton stores or online.

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