These Are The Lucky Colors For 2019 According To Feng Shui!

The Chinese Lunar Year 2019 or the Year of the Earth Pig (February 5, 2019 until January 24, 2020) opens new perspectives and asserts relationships with friends and family. The new lunar year also gives way to appreciating the simplicity of life and the pleasures that come with it. And during this time, incorporating colors reinforcing the Fire and Metal elements into your life positively influences your fate.

Fire strengthens Earth, so colors representing fire like red, pink, and orange are lucky this year. Meanwhile, Metal feeds on Earth, and is represented by white and gold. Shades of yellow, brown, and gray also deserve an honorable mention as these colors stabilize and harmonize with the main lucky colors. Aside from wearing these colors, having them in your space is another way to get lucky. Here are inspirations for your condo’s easy Feng Shui makeover!


Red is a bold color, so if you’re taking it home to your interiors, it’s best to make it an accent color. Against a neutral base like white, beige, gray, or even black, just the right amount of red instantly breaks the monotony of the area, and the unexpected pops of color instantly give off an exciting feel. However, you may go a little bolder by accentuating your living area with either a red sofa or a red area rug. This way, the room is instantly given an oomph, but stays easy on the eyes. (Also best to note that red is most auspicious to Dragon and Pig signs.)

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If red is too bright and bold for you, there’s orange that also symbolizes Fire. Compared to the sensual and forward red, orange is cozier and warmer as it is closer to wood and terracotta. Same as red, however, it fits perfectly in either dark or bright-themed space. Playing with different shades of the color is also a great idea in order to balance its playfulness.


Pink, on the other hand, is a delicate and comforting color, which makes it a friendlier hue to incorporate in interiors. Although it comes in different shades, the lighter and pastel tones are more harmonious as a main color. The bolder tones can be accents or accessories. Rat, Ox, and Rabbit signs, all hail the pink this 2019!


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Probably the easiest color to mix and match, white is another lucky color this Year of the Earth Pig. Whether it’s a white-on-white or a contrast between light and dark, you can’t go wrong with this color. We highly suggest that you mix in colors like yellow, brown, and gray to create a more harmonious energy in the space.

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