Machuca Tile Tips: How To Shop And How To Maintain

Machuca tiles give any space an old-world charm, and some festive feel depending on the design pattern or colors you choose. It can be mixed-matched, which makes it more interesting and eclectic. But sometimes it’s just so hard to choose and maintain these Mediterranean-style tiles. So, here are some tips to know if you want to incorporate it in your condo and how to maintain them.

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Buying Machuca Tiles

1 | It’s Pretty Affordable

The price range varies on four things: size, pattern, color combination, and quantity. For the standard 20x20cm Machuca tile, prices start at P100 per piece for an order of 100 pieces and more. Here’s a quick tip: You’ll need 25 pieces of Machuca tiles to fill one square meter, that’s P2,500 per square meter.

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2 | Settle For Seconds

For those opting to mix and match different Machuca tiles together in one space, tile overruns or “seconds” are sold at the factory for only P80 per piece. The stocks are replenished daily because of the continuous tile production, so you’ll have thousands of pieces to choose from. Here’s our quick tip: If you’re planning to use Machuca tiles for areas larger than four to five square meters, it’s highly recommended to place an order instead.

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Machuca Tile Maintenance

1 | Regularly wash with liquid soap and water. After, you may opt to apply floor wax to give it a gloss.

2 | Never use muriatic acid to remove stains from the tiles. Acid will completely damage its color and quality. Instead, clean stains with an abrasive sponge and a bit of bleach.

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3 | It’s highly discouraged for the tiles to be exposed under direct sunlight or rain. The tiles are susceptible to absorbing water and cracking from heat after the moisture evaporates. So don’t place them in the balcony or bathroom.

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