#MayTheFourth: Show Your Love For Star Wars In 3 Interior Design Styles

May the 4th isn’t just another pun people throw around whenever the month of May appears on the calendar. It is the day that Star Wars fans, old and new, celebrate to remember the films that have influenced many people across continents and age ranges. And we’re celebrating it, too, with some easy decorating tricks to make your Star Wars collectibles a part of your condo unit’s overall design, for times even beyond the 4th. We’ve curated Star Wars mood boards for 3 design styles we’ve been loving recently.

1 | Vintage / Retro

Retro aesthetics and vintage vibes are all the rave in interior design this year, so it’s only fitting to try it out in your own space this time. Travel back in time and throw in accents in midcentury color palette and silhouette for that retro feel. Give it a twist with your Star Wars film posters from the retro era or a vintage Storm Trooper print wallpaper.

2 | Minimalist

This one’s all about camouflage—the décor are there but they’re almost uniform to the rest of the space. For a minimal look, it’s best to stick to neutrals and monochromes. Group together Star Wars-themed décor of the same color scheme or silhouette to get a streamlined visual effect.


3 | Industrial / Steampunk

For a more sci-fi feel, the industrial style is the perfect choice. With more wood, steel, and concrete finish, fixtures, and fittings, your space can easily look like the old factories and industrial sapaces from the 1920s to 1940s. Level it up with some spaceship bluprints, and life-sized R2D2 models in industrial or even steampunk fashion. You can also bring out your prized Star Wars chess pieces so you can talk about your favorite film over a sci-fi chess tournament with your co-Star Wars fans.

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